This One Thing Will Set You Free


Most people are so selfish that they are “other-oriented.” The “Selfie” with which the narcissists are so enamored is blazing evidence of this. After all, we don’t gaze lovingly at the selfies ourselves – it’s all for others to see what we did, where we were, what we ate, whom we were with.

We buy stuff we don’t need and don’t even particularly want with money we don’t have to impress others whom we don’t even like – who don’t notice and really couldn’t care less. We buy houses for what they look like on the outside, but we live inside them. We care more about the opinions of others than we do about what our families and our God thinks of us and even less about what we think of ourselves. And the pain of subconsciously knowing this drives us to addictions and frenetic action. After all, if we’re too busy and drugged to think, we won’t have to; we can simply suppress the pain of recognizing our weakness and hypocrisy.

We dress to please others. Women teeter around in pain on stiletto heels they can ill afford, men buy watches the size of alarm clocks, and the latest smartphones, and of course the ubiquitous iPhones are a must in order to keep up with the Joneses. And to pay for all this junk, they work harder and longer in jobs they hate and sacrifice what they would really like to be doing with the people who truly matter to them.

The most important person you need to know and accept and like is yourself. That’s your most important relationship. Because if you can’t get along with yourself and enjoy time alone, if you’re not, in fact, your own best friend, you’ll fail at a genuine friendship with anyone else. You need to be kind and loyal to yourself, first, if you are to be of any authentic value to anyone else. Your personal goals and values and beliefs should be clear, measurable, congruent, and flexible.

You need to be the Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.” You are answerable to yourself and your God first. And to nobody else except your spouse. The only opinions that count are your own, your God’s, and your spouse’s. The prison of the opinions of others is what makes the “Politically Correct” cancer of Cultural Marxism flourish in a materialist, false, hypocritical and suicidal Western world. This will give you courage and focus, and you can achieve great things with courage and focus and the ability to discard the unnecessary and superfluous, chief of which is the assessments of others, no matter who they are, outside of this holy circle.

Neglecting your own health and your family to serve your church, for example, is not a sign of holiness but imbalance, selfishness, and idiocy. The only sacrifice you’re making is the wrong one; you’re serving the wrong god. You have misinterpreted the Bible.

The acceptance of oneself is the essence of the whole moral problem and the epitome of a whole outlook on life. That I feed the hungry, that I forgive an insult, that I love my enemy in the name of Christ — all these are undoubtedly great virtues. What I do unto the least of my brethren, that I do unto Christ.

But what if I should discover that the least among them all, the poorest of all the beggars, the most impudent of all the offenders, the very enemy himself — that these are within me, and that I myself stand in need of the alms of my own kindness — that I myself am the enemy who must be loved — what then?

As a rule, the Christian’s attitude is then reversed; there is no longer any question of love or long-suffering; we say to the brother within us “Raca,” and condemn and rage against ourselves. We hide it from the world; we refuse to admit ever having met this least among the lowly in ourselves.” ― C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

We need to reintroduce ourselves to ourselves and to apologize profusely for so much neglect.

Robin Elliott

Why People Deny the Facts


Dealing with the incredible, illogical rejection of truth and reality among people inspired me to write this.

Seth Godin on facts we don’t like: “The problem with Orwellian talking heads, agitprop, faux news, and Ballmer-like posturing is that they take away a foundation for a genuine movement to occur because once we start denying facts, it’s difficult to know when to stop. Tell us where we are, tell us where we’re going.”

Remember, it’s human nature to seek evidence to support our dominant beliefs and values, and we develop scotomas to avoid any evidence to the contrary. Your Reticular Activating System works subconsciously twenty-four hours a day and the result is a close-mindedness that stuns critical thinkers.

In these days of flat-earthers, “global warming,” government-controlled media propaganda that eclipses its Soviets predecessors, especially in sales-and-marketing driven North America, and video-game minded millennials, we need to be careful when planning our lives. Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored or denied. It may be popular to be a “Gravity Denier,” but don’t try stepping off that 48 story building without doing your own research first.

In this excellent article, Why People “Fly from Facts” by Troy Campbell and Justine Friesen, we learn that otherwise intelligent people actually deny proven scientific facts to appease their opinion and remain comfortable. We prefer comfortable lies to the uncomfortable truth. It explains the willful blindness smart, objective people constantly encounter and don’t understand.

The Country of the Blind by H.G. Wells explains how cult members, the indoctrinated, brainwashed people, stupid people, and the plain lazy will reject, attack, even kill those who don’t succumb, agree, or join – think Jihad. Group Dynamics is real, folks. Try leaving a group of people, club, church, or organization, and see how many will shun, ignore, or avoid you. It’s quite amazing. And understanding how this all works makes it a lot easier to deal with and work with.

People seem to be addicted to their world views. And even a tobacco addict will tell you how hard it is to kick his foul habit. Those who stand strong for what they believe in – read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand – are anathema to the madding crowd. The rat race despises those who are different. This explains why a vast percentage of the population fall for the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public: Obama.

This information explains why a vast percentage of the US population fell for the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public: Obama. They had been programmed and set up by Hollywood and those who planned the whole disaster for years. The cancerous Cultural Marxism that grips the minds of so many in the West didn’t happen by accident. The suicide of Western Civilization by the organized influx of “refugees” and illegal “immigrants” is by design.

Finally, when people reject business opportunities that could literally change their lives for the better, it seldom has much to do with the presentation; the decision is usually governed by a conditioned reflex.

Robin Elliott

How Western Governments are Using Dysgenics to Weaken the Intellects of their Voters


George Carlin said, “Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking. They want obedient workers, people just smart enough to passively accept their situation.” 

Apart from dramatically lowering the standards of their education systems through the insertion of distractions like “social justice” movements, liberal political interference through media and regulatory bullying and censorship, and the legalization of marijuana to fry young brains, how do they accomplish this?

In addition to undermining the financial wellbeing and health of the population through heavy taxes, increasing control by the pharmaceutical companies, and the spiraling costs of healthcare, along with the promotional of perversion, pedophilia (to placate their Muslim imports) they are using a carefully formulated program to create an Orwellian 1984 reality – and it’s working. How?

They are well aware of the r/K selection theory and import masses of people with r-type psychological characteristics under the banner of “refugees.” They enhance this group through generous welfare programs that operate primarily in favour of this parasitic, fast-breeding group and neglect wellbeing and health the K-types. Governments further protect and encourage this group through strict “legal” punishment of any criticism against them under the guise of “anti-racism” and “Islamophobia.”

Government controlled media depicts r-types as wise, compassionate, superior people and leaders in most movies and TV shows and promotes interracial marriage, breeding, dating, and copulation.

They decry and mock traditional marriage and applaud non-heterosexual relationships since they recognize the traditional heterosexual marriage and family unit as a distinct threat to their vile agenda. Christianity is a further menace, and so it is attacked mercilessly.

And so the dilution of the gene pool through breeding and interbreeding continues; the weakening and retardation of European, Western culture are escalated by legislated government policy. Dysgenics is the tool that Western governments use to create reliant, subservient, low-intellect pawns. And of course, any kind of eugenics solution is deplored and viciously attacked.

In South Africa, the snowballing genocide of the white race by black people, actively and openly encouraged by the government, is ignored by Western governments; they do not wish to grant refugee status to any intelligent, educated Christian whites simply because this flies in the face of the achievement of their dysgenic agenda – it undermines their progress.

And that, dear Reader, explains a lot that seems incongruous, suicidal, and perverted to thinking, decent people.

Robin Elliott


20170105_125931 (2)

In the fifth season of Homeland, the wealthy entrepreneur speaks to the ex-CIA agent and says something along the lines of, “My ex-wife was a lawyer. She had both feet planted firmly on the ground. Some of us can fly, and some are earthbound. Some people are born with wings, some are not…”

So is being an entrepreneur nurture or nature? Can you learn to be one? I honestly don’t know, but I do know that I have been one all my life. I suffered in “jobs” until I was thirty-three years old: then I broke free. I am happiest working for myself. Many feel the spark, notice the irritated rustle of their eagle wings while they labour in the smelly chicken run called “employment,” yearn for true freedom and real wealth, and secretly know they have to break free, but they haven’t yet found the right vehicle.

Or they tried something and failed, and now they quit and denounce entrepreneurialism. Well, that’s not an entrepreneur – that’s an Earthbound looking for an excuse to run back to the “safety” of the noisy chicken run. A real entrepreneur rises like the phoenix from every failure every time and comes back stronger, more determined, more passionate.

Soaring alone, high above the madding crowd, without “bosses” to whose idiocy one had to bend one’s will and values, free to create and produce and help others, is the true nature of those with wings. No more turning of a blind eye, no more suppressing one’s creativity and strength. No more suffering of fools and their sycophants, no more lowering of standards – that’s the reward of the entrepreneur.

And then there’s the prize of financial freedom – to go where you want, when you want, with whom you want, how you want, if you want. All because of our work ethic and determination:

“The heights by great men reached and kept

Were not attained by sudden flight;

But they, while their companions slept,

Were toiling upward in the night.”

We pay the price. We believe in our dream; we turn it into reality. We have wings; we soar above serfdom and mediocrity. We do now what others won’t so that one day we can do what others can’t. And if you haven’t found anything that takes your fancy yet, a way out, as it were, here is one. And here’s another. We create and use simple systems that incorporate leverage and collaboration and reduce risk to the absolute minimum: we create Money Machines for those with wings.

There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Some day or DAY ONE? You decide.

Pictured above, my business partner, Ken Chahal, and me interviewing one of the engineers of one of our IPS Safety Inc. products in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

Robin Elliott

How to be Happy?


This car, or that figure, or a drug, or another restaurant, or a fancy watch – the media constantly pitches bandaids and false, temporary relief to mask the real cause of “unhappiness.” You’ll be happy WHEN… You’ll be happy IF… And sadly, the average North materialistic North American is so badly educated and brainwashed that he falls for the lie.

The fact is, for most of us, “happiness” means the escape from or relief of some kind of suffering – physical, emotional, social, mental, financial. Suffering is universal and inescapable. If you are human, you experience different kinds of suffering until you die. The Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path to remedy the problem of suffering. Of course, Christianity also offers solutions, as do all other religions, philosophies, belief systems, and value systems.

A lot of the time, changing the stories we tell ourselves about our perceived suffering can actually solve the problem. A new perspective and applied meaning can do wonders.

I would like to offer a simple, additional solution that has worked for me all my life.

  • Identify the cause of your present unhappiness.
  • Consider the solutions you are aware of, and if you can’t find a solution, seek help from someone who has dealt successfully with the problem before and ask for their suggestions.
  • Create an action plan if there is, indeed, a way for you to reduce the suffering. If there isn’t a way to reduce it, seek coping mechanisms that are helpful, healthy, and solid. For example, if I needed help coping with the death of a loved one, I would seek advice from someone who had successfully dealt with it in a positive manner, not some strung-out junkie or someone who held an “impressive” office but had no personal experience dealing with he issue at hand.
  • Work on the solution daily, persistently, and conscientiously until you can move on. Focus on the solution and desired outcome instead of the problem itself. Where focus goes, energy flows, and results grow. Rejoice in the skills you learn along the way, the people you meet, and the personal growth you enjoy because of the problem instead of wailing about how “unfair” life is, like a spoilt brat. “I wouldn’t have learnt that, met her, or developed patience if it wasn’t for that problem.” We can get bitter or we can get better.
  • Use what you have learnt to help others. I use the business and entrepreneurial skills I have acquired in 31 years of business to help others to achieve financial success and independence but inviting them to join me in my latest and greatest business creation. Zig Ziglar famously said, “You can get anything you want out of life if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want.”

Finally, surround yourself with people who are smarter, healthier, wiser, wealthier, more experienced, better connected, more motivated, and have better skills than you have. Read books by authors with great minds. Avoid filling your mind with the refuse churned out by state media propaganda machines, government “education” systems, and losers, and focus on what is good, wholesome, helpful, and healthy. Ron Brundel said that we are all part of someone’s “Care Package” at any given time. Be helpful and kind to those who deserve it. To animals, too.

Avoid filling your mind with the refuse churned out by state media propaganda machines, government “education” systems, and losers, and focus on what is good, wholesome, helpful, healthy, uplifting and positive, while at the same time educating yourself to be aware of and know your enemies, and the political/social/economic state of the world. In this turbulent time of Cultural Marxist “Political Correctness” and the enthronement by the state of all that is perverse and deviant and anti-European, this is very important. Be prepared.

Robin Elliott

Why Boys Shouldn’t Get Married before 24, girls 23

20170520_131554 (2)

Pressuring young boys before 24 and girls before 23 to get married flies in the face of all logic and scientific evidence. In fact, it can doom a marriage to failure, because they are not yet mentally or emotionally ready for marriage.

According to Dr. Jeramy Clark and Jerusha Clark in their excellent book, “Your Teenager is Not Crazy”, the adolescent brain begins to “prune” from the back to the front, in girls starting at about 11 and boys around 12. This pruning is at a time in late childhood when children experience a radical, explosive mental growth. The pruning, also called “arborization,” like a tree growing new branches, is a process of specialization, as the adolescent moves towards adulthood. This is a time of turmoil for children at this stage – early teenagers. Their brains are developing unevenly, and the changes happening can be physically and emotionally exhausting. For their parents, too!

The portion of the brain that finally matures at 24 in boys and 23 in girls is the executive functioning portion of the brain. It’s called the Prefrontal Cortex and it’s located right behind the forehead. As the teenage brain is being pruned, it’s also being myelinated. These myelin sheaths act like the insulation on a wire – they allow the transmissions of thoughts to go quicker and more specialized – so that’s the process that finishes for girls around 24 or 25. For some young men, it’s right up to 27! (That’s the outside age.)

Why does it take so long for boys? A boy will experience an increase in testosterone between the ages of 10 and 20 that is 30 times the amount of childhood. This is just to secure their compassion alone. And because the testosterone works with other brain structures, specifically, the amygdala, the seat of fear, emotionally charged memories, causes that and the hypothalamus to grow larger in young men, so it takes longer for their brains to become accustomed to perceiving threats, to understanding risk versus benefit, all because our men need to be brave, they need to be courageous.

In the girl’s brain, the increase in progesterone interacts with a stress hormone called cortisol, so when a stressful thing happens in a girl’s brain, the progesterone in a girl’s brain makes it more difficult for her to calm dow. This is the reason why girls tend to have more “drama” than boys – the cortisol that is released into the girl’s brain takes about 30 minutes to work. In both boys’ and girls’ brains, the reaction is inverse to adults – our brains release a chemical called THP to counteract cortisol, in teenagers, THP is ineffective and in fact, it can sometimes have the reverse effect and cause escalating stress, so they need fewer stresses in their life. 

Marrying earlier, and especially having children earlier put a lot of stress and pressure on young minds and emotions that are not equipped for it.

Think about it: This is why the army recruits young men around 18: they are easy to program, their risk/reward evaluation is not yet fully developed, and they are easy to control and persuade.

Just because the state and others with ulterior motives manipulate and misuse young people who are not ready doesn’t mean we should.

I haven’t mentioned people living together outside of wedlock. In my opinion, a man who doesn’t love a woman enough to marry her doesn’t deserve her, and a woman who doesn’t insist on marriage before slithering into bed with men doesn’t deserve marriage.

Robin Elliott




Your Choices Reveal You: Your Fruit Reveals Your Roots


Whether choosing a business partner, building an alliance or joint venture, deciding whom to associate with, or employing someone for an important position, these are things we need to be aware of.

Consistent choices reveal the man – to himself if he is objective and observant and to all those around who watch him. Like the fake paper bricks covering the wood and drywall above, many peoples’ lives are built on sandy foundations, as are their businesses and relationships. Bricks don’t burn in the fires of life. Firm foundations stand strong.

Consistently not committing or making a decision reveals a vacillating, weak, indecisive, dishonest character – one to be avoided at all costs. People who regularly make excuses or blame others, especially those who blame their parents, are those who refuse to take responsibility for their lives and choices. The fruit in our lives is revealing – look at what someone has accomplished, accumulated, built – and you will know a lot about him.

The way people deal with stress, uncertainty, delayed outcomes, and others also peels back the layers of deception and removes the masks we all wear. Self-discipline, patience, faith, persistence, and decency are the qualities of strong people.

Look at their heroes and role models, the groups they belong to, the places they go, the books they read, if indeed they do read books, and note whom they regularly associate with, and you will know them without even speaking with them. Are they tightwads or generous? Their actions will reveal them and predict the consequences.

Daily habits, addictions, if he is obese or fit, the words he uses, the lies he tells – all these clues reveal the man. Do they ask questions about you, or only talk about themselves? Are they reliant on hand-outs, inheritances, loans, and help, when they are quite capable of looking after themselves? You have met a parasite with entitlement issues.

Eagles fly alone, ducks and chickens and sheep rely on groups and need the support and approval of others. Avoid those; the r/K selection theory and the political parties people support further reveal who they really are.

Finally, are they moral? Test their honesty. Are they punctual and reliable? Are they loyal and loving to their spouses? Do they marry their spouses or just live with them? Do they stand up courageously for what they believe in? Are they socialist/collectivist or Capitalist/producers?

Take time to make good business and life decisions.

Robin Elliott




What Do You Know?

unnamed 82

I once talked with a missionary who said it was “hard” for him to introduce people to his peculiar brand of Christianity. In particular, he referred to a Christian Scientist. After a few minutes, I found that he didn’t know who Mary Baker Eddy was, and had never attended a Christian Science church service, and yet he arrogantly assumed he was in a position to reason with and persuade his prospect.

If he wanted to understand intellectual Atheism, he should read a few of Hitchen’s and Dawkin’s and Harris’s books, I told him. And if he was to successfully engage a Pentecostal or a Hindu, he had better at least do some similar research. The same goes for Buddhism, which is, after all, a philosophy that has been distorted into a religion, and any thinking person would know that much of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path is nicely aligned with Christianity. Talking to someone steeped in Theosophy, and you don’t know who Blavatsky and Olcott are? You lose.

His response was typical: “I don’t have the time, and I won’t expose my spirit to those demonic teachings.” Well, there you have it: Arrogance and laziness mixed with ignorance and served luke warm with a generous side of hate. Not very Christian. “What is a soul worth?” is a question he should be asking himself, instead of feeling so insecure in his beliefs and faith that he trembles to examine other faiths.

In addition, any brand of Christianity that ignores or refutes all the work of Christians in other churches and the writings of great men like Tozer, John Bunyan, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton,  and of course, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, should be exiled to a desert island with a pile of the books of these authors, which they have to accurately summarize before being allowed back into the mission field again.

In business, the same applies. You may know a lot about running a tire business but that doesn’t qualify you to expound on the way I run my restaurant. A lawyer or an accountant have no right to label themselves “entrepreneurs,” and success in one field does not automatically assure success in another. Not all skills and certainly not all experience is transferable.

Most trial lawyers, however, are very good at assimilating information and researching and understanding the circumstances, options, and sometimes the businesses of those they defend and represent – a necessary skill in lawyering and a laudable quality in any debate.

I talked with a man who assured me that Obama was a Capitalist who loved America, and definitely not a racist. I quickly established that he had never read Obama’s books (I have) and he had no idea what Liberation Theology, socialism, nor Cultural Marxism are all about. He was also unaware of Obama’s “father”‘s influence on him. I ended that conversation abruptly. I no longer suffer fools gladly. If I am to spend any time conversing with someone on those subjects, I insist on enjoying the give and take.

Know whereof you speak or hold your tongue.

Robin Elliott

Unlocking the Wrong Lock to Financial Freedom


It’s amazing how short-sighted and confused people become when evaluating their options to break free of their financial restraints. Desperation, panic, laziness, low self-esteem and many other emotions and conditioning play into their decisions.

I recently had a retired school janitor telling me to “have a look” at the “excellent financial opportunity” that he was participating in with his elderly mother’s money. He called it a “gifting program.”

In Vancouver, the latest regurgitated scam is the illegal “gifting program” – it’s as old as the hills and it fails every time. Easy, fast money is promised in big seminars. Yet easy marks – suckers abound in this society where 31% of Canadians admit that they don’t make enough money each month to pay their bills, with the rising cost of living putting further pressure on people. 52% are $200 or less away from not being able to pay their monthly bills. This “gifting program” gets suckers to put down $5,000 (or a portion of it) and get their friends to do the same, with the promise that in a few short months they will be in line to be “gifted” tens of thousands in cash, “tax-free” money as they “rise to the top.”

For a while it works, and then greed takes over, so people reinvest more and more, borrow to invest, and drag their friends into the scam with them. Eventually, of course, the organizers have enough and they run away with all the money, so people are left in an even worse financial situation than before. And they tend to lose friends in the process. These people should remember a wise rule of thumb: “Never invest more than you can afford to lose, because everything is risky, and nothing lasts forever.”

Naturally, the more solid a money making venture or business is, the more legitimate, the longer it will last, and the more secure it will be. But the “quick buck,” microwave, easy, fast return frauds fail fast. It’s like the difference between building houses of straw on swamps or building brick houses on solid foundations, using expert builders with a track record of success. In a society of spoiled, selfish, lazy and entitled young people, rip-offs flourish. They’ve never heard of “No pain, no gain.”

Some opportunities will make money faster than other, but real wealth takes time to build and it requires focus, discipline, faith and sacrifice. And guidance from specialists doesn’t mean following the advice of every broke, shady “financial planner” you meet.

Plan for short-term, medium-term, and long-term income, with more than one source, as long as you can remain focused and committed. Avoid associating with other desperate people and seek out those who are established and respected and don’t need to steal your hard-earned money.  And by the way, the biggest con artists and frauds often hide in church congregations – they can borrow credibility and rip people off easily there.

Finally, there is a vast difference between real entrepreneurs and those who inherited wealth, lawyers, accountants, “financial planners,” and other self-employed people, and employees usually have no idea how to be entrepreneurs. Team up with those who have proven themselves as real builders of businesses and don’t be blinded by money, academics, qualifications, or financial jargon. If you can’t understand it and you don’t have time to think about it and do your own research, walk away.

Con artists (they’re almost as evil as politicians) like to focus on women, young people, and Seniors, especially the wealthy and the financially desperate.

Robin Elliott  IPS Safety Inc.




The Exclusionary Middle ~ Today’s Conundrum


The leftist, socialist Trudeau, so-called Prime Minister of Canada, and his ilk seems to believe that you can only be a legitimate refugee in Canada if you’re not white or Christian or a legal immigrant. And if you slither over our US border illegally, clutching your iPhone and expensive luggage, which will be carried for you by our RCMP bellhops, you magically turn into a “refugee” – as long as you’re not white or Christian.

The Boy Scouts of America now accepts girls who claim to be boys. And Quebec requires and receives government help, attention, and support, while Alberta deserves nothing – because they’re not “French.” The leftist social engineering that demands the end of Christianity and white men, while being a suicidal slide into Jihadi savagery, is lauded and supported by the brainwashed masses.

The Christian churches are generally so watered down and compromised that they seem to be terrified of speaking out against this Cultural Marxist cancer, cowering as they are behind “being kind and loving” and in the process callously standing on the throats of their decent, God-fearing congregations while they greedily milk them for more money in the form of “tithes and offerings.” Ignoring this blatant contradiction is the result of media and religious programming reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. The Vatican has recently

The Vatican has recently forgiven an HIV positive “priest” who has admitted to raping nearly 30 young girls between the ages of five and 10 years old and infecting them with the virus.

Whites are being systematically wiped out in South Africa with explicit black government approval, yet they will not be accepted into Canada as refugees, and the international media is silent since blacks are now untouchable. And blacks know it and respond accordingly.

Aristotle wrote that the Exclusionary Middle states that for any proposition, either that proposition is true, or its negation is true. Yet in our Western society, infected as it is with Cultural Marxism and self-loathing leftists, a logical contradiction doesn’t seem to matter. Either someone is a refugee or they’re not. You can’t continue to rip the life out of good people, most of whom are armed in North America, for much longer without facing a serious backlash.

We hope Trump will fix things in the US, in spite of the tremendous opposition he has to deal with, France has completely surrendered to satanic Islam, and Canada is hell bent on going the way of Europe. But individuals, apart from voting, can do little to change things on this macro level. What we CAN do is to bravely speak out, make good choices, and educate the people around us.

Robin Elliott