The Battle for Your Mind



On a political and philosophical level, this excerpt from an excellent article sent to me by a friend is revealing: “We are engaged in a war between two philosophies: dependence vs. independence, blind obedience vs. responsibility, passiveness vs. creativity, apathy vs. action, fear vs. fascination, blind belief vs. discovery, doubt vs. confidence, superstition vs. understanding.” Yes, 1984 has arrived.

In their excellent book, “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind,” the first book to deal with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public, Al Reis and Jack Trout, also the authors of the life-changing book, “Horse Sense,” describe a revolutionary marketing approach to creating a “position” in a prospective customer’s mind – one that reflects your company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as those of its competitors. But business positioning and developing a Unique Selling Proposition and buying criteria is only one aspect of the battle for our minds.

Business positioning and developing a Unique Selling Proposition and buying criteria is only one aspect of the battle for our minds.

On a foundational spiritual level, which permeates, colours, and persuades every aspect of our lives, the battle is even more intense.

It all comes down to the philosophy we choose, in so far as choosing our faith or religion or spiritual path. This will influence every aspect of our lives: our perception, interpretation, and reaction regarding all circumstances, challenges, and opportunities which we encounter in our lives, and the consequences of those choices. All all the above come down to only one choice: Are you a victim, or are you in charge of your life?

The governments and their propaganda machines – the media, Hollywood, their laws and their minions – want you to be a stupid, godless, perverted, unfit, obese, uninformed, brainwashed, drugged, addicted, impotent nothing that will vote for instant gratification and their bread and circuses. Why? Because what challenges them is the family, Christianity, white people, heterosexual people, educated, informed, values-driven, courageous people who will stand against them. They use Cultural Marxism to destroy their enemies.

It is our choice whether or not we wish to participate in their evil programs. It is a battle for our minds.

Robin Elliott


Seniors: It’s Been Too Good – Now the Reckoning


I regularly hear of Seniors here in Canada who know it’s time to downsize to a home that doesn’t have stairs, yet they refuse to give up their large homes. I see the devastating effect of debt and obesity. And I know where it all stems from. Physical and financial health are the most important concerns for Seniors in North America. Falls, Elder Abuse, Dementia, Alzheimers, Wandering, Loneliness, lack of help and lack of money are the realities of old age.

Let’s start out by looking at where we stand right now in North America regarding wastefulness, gluttony, debt, and some other effects of poor self-discipline and easy abundance.

It is estimated that Americans throw away around $62 million worth of coins every year. 30% to 40% of the food supply is wasted in the US, equal to more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. For an American family of four, the average value of discarded produce is nearly $1,600 annually. The average American throws away around 65 pounds of clothing per year. In 2010, Americans got rid of 152 million cell phones and other mobile devices – often simply because they wanted the latest gadget, not because they needed it.

Canadians throw away more per person than anyone else in the developed world.  In 2009, we generated 777 kilograms of municipal waste per person, that’s over one-third more than the average of all the other countries examined. We use double the amount of water as other countries and nine times the water used per person in Denmark.

Gluttony accounts for the fact that in the US, adult obesity rates now exceed 35 percent in five states and tops 30 percent in 25 states. West Virginia has the highest adult obesity rate at 37.7 percent and Colorado has the lowest at 22.3 percent. A 2004 study called the Canadian Community Health Survey, found 29% of Canadians 18 and older were obese and 41% more were overweight (as determined by body mass index).

Debt levels from governments on down to cities, States, Provinces, and individuals in North America are obvious to all. And spoiled, entitled adult children who financially abuse their aged parents is ubiquitous. I knew a loser who, at the age of 63, was still borrowing money from his elderly mother and living off his wife’s income. Lack of physical exercise – people drive everywhere in their cars or order stuff online. Broken marriages: the probability that married people in the US would make it for 20 years was 52% for women and 56% for men. That means about half of the marriages fail. What’s more disturbing is that more and more people just live together and prefer not to get married at all. It amazes me that women are so desperate and have such low self-esteem that they allow it.

I won’t even start on smoking, marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs, and promiscuity.

And the consequences of those decisions, those bad choices, tend to come to a head as we age. All the above speaks to one major cause: Most of us are spoilt rotten, undisciplined, lazy, greedy, fat, in debt, and weak.  It’s very hard to change one’s habits and preferences on the spur of the moment, to suddenly acquire self-discipline, start saving and becoming frugal, start losing weight and exercising self-control when you realize you’re getting old and your body is paying the price of all your bad choices.

Many Seniors don’t have support systems, wills, savings, or plans for the future. Our adult children often lose interest when we become too much work or too costly, or when their spouse of live-in lover doesn’t like the idea of supporting us, especially when the darling stepchildren are involved. The sooner we stand back and objectively evaluate our lives, our lifestyles, our habits, weaknesses, choices, and options, the better.

As I stated, physical and financial health are the most important concerns for Seniors in North America. Falls, Elder Abuse, Dementia, Alzheimers, Wandering, Loneliness, lack of help and lack of money are the realities of old age. Let’s come to terms with that. Living in denial and putting off important decisions is not a good choice.

Robin Elliott IPS Safety Inc.


When We Ignore History and the Past, Our Future is Doomed


Alexis de Tocqueville When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.” As we get older, especially if we have been blessed with a full, adventurous life and travel around the world, we tend to get perspective.

Of course, if you’ve lived a coddled life in a safe country, inherited enough to keep you comfortable, and enjoyed the fruits of Western civilization and wealth building all your life, history may seem a little far-fetched, and you’re easy cannon fodder for the Cultural Marxist media and Canada’s present Socialist government. You’ll be politically correct, hate guns, and welcome the dregs of society as they bully you and your children, take over your government, and clog up your welfare system. And you’ll believe that all people are the same. Instead of teaching your kid to punch the

And you’ll believe that all people are the same. Instead of teaching your kid to punch the neighbourhood bully in the nose, you’ll encourage him to wear a pink shirt. You won’t want to “judge” anyone, regardless of what they do. You’ll believe Churchill to be a bigot because he correctly stated, “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog,” and you would think me racist when I share my real life experience of 46 years in Africa, since all you know about Africa is what some university professor told you.

But if you’ve been around the block, so to speak, you will have grown up by now and realized that you had better be prepared for rocky times in the future as we age and the West is infiltrated by savagery and rotted from within by deviants. The welfare safety net is not going to be as strong as it once was.

My answer to someone on Facebook recently, when he suggested that “when times get hard, you can’t eat gold,” reveals my perspective. I answered:

“Gold is not for making money; it’s for conserving wealth. Throughout history, wealthy people have maintained their wealth through with art, real estate, and gold. As the dollar’s value declines, gold maintains its value. I always say, God, Guts, Gold, Groceries, Guns, and plenty of ammo. I have seen how people moved their wealth as the savages overtook civilized countries in Africa and we had to flee, and what worked and what didn’t work.
“I have seen what happened in Rhodesia and South Africa regarding currency collapses/ slides, and anyone there who had bought gold would have been laughing all the way to the bank today. The same happened in Mocambique and any other country (Venezuela) that has succumbed to Socialism and/or savagery. At the rate the savages and Socialism are being imported and supported in North America, I’m glad I bought a little gold when I did.
“The South African Rand has dropped from US$0.40 to US$0.07 in 19 years and it is now in freefall. Those who bought gold would be rich there now. Those who moved their money to the US when the Rand was worth more than the US$ would be happy campers.” 
Heed the past, but if you base your future expectations on a past that no longer exists, you will find yourself on the street. For example, there is no more job security. Expensive college degrees for every idiot child is nonsensical. A kid who is a qualified electrician or plumber will often be better off, especially if he is entrepreneurial, and entrepreneurialism is the way to go if you want real freedom.
Robin Elliott

The 2 Missing Ingredients in Most Small Businesses

20170728_103051 (2)

Why do entrepreneurs work harder and harder for less and less? Why do they sell their time so cheaply? Why is it so hard to get ahead and beat big business? While we don’t all have the brains and ability of Elon Musk, there are two missing ingredients that can make all the difference for you. And they are readily available and attainable.

Big business uses these magical ingredients all the time, but we don’t. We tend to be like self-employed salespeople, selling our time, running out of things, limiting ourselves. How can you remove all barriers – lack of time, space, resources, money, connections, skills, know-how, experience, capital, and more?  

The secret ingredients are really no secret at all. The first is Leverage. A good lever is a stick where the fulcrum is between the weight and the energy moving the weight – for example, your hands. A few well-known common levers are teeter-totters, crowbars, pliers, scissors (which use two levers together), and a hammer pulling a nail. In business, we can leverage resources very effectively. A simple example: You only have 24 hours a day, but if you had ten people working for you, they could add 240 hours! How about the Internet?

The second is Collaboration. Working together in a win/win way with others helps us to access all the resources we could possibly need.


Learning how to use Leverage and Collaboration effectively can be speeded up by leveraging my expertise – simply visit my Facebook Page here: and take all you want, at no cost. Videos, articles, and more. Fast track your learning, and the more you learn, the more you will earn.

I walk my talk. Our business is based entirely on Leverage and Collaboration. My business partner and I collaborated on building it, and all the systems we use are built on a firm foundation of Leverage and Collaboration. We have removed all limitations from our Distributors, to which they will readily attest.

We don’t have money or time problems; we have thinking problems. When we realize how readily available the right tools are to increase our growth and profits, and when we understand how to use those tools, well, nothing can stop us. We start working “smart instead of hard,” and we create win/win relationships with good people. We develop an abundance mentality instead of a scarcity mentality.

Leverage and Collaboration have been called Joint Ventures or Strategic Alliances or Partnering, and all that information can now be yours on my Facebook Page. You’re welcome. And if you want a ready-made, proven business that can put you on the right track to your financial goals, consider our Distributorships.

Robin Elliott

Where We Are and Where We’re Going


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Statistically, 70% of the people who win the Lottery go bankrupt within 5 years of their win. And they only last that long because of the amount of money they have won – momentum carries them that far. These are people who, like those who inherit large sums of money, are not used to handling a lot of money; they are ill-equipped, untrained, unprepared, and often don’t have the intelligence necessary to handle so much responsibility.

The same has happened in every single African country (boasting an average Sub-Saharan IQ of 70) that gained their independence from their European masters who took undeveloped, third world countries and developed them into first world miracles. They last only until the savings and momentum run out, and the infrastructure crashes as the superior white workforce flees the ensuing violent crime and corruption.

But the North American tendency to glorify the opinions of “celebrities” – film stars who act a part and effectively lie for a living – and politicians who will do and say anything to retain their positions of privilege and power, along with the successful institution of Cultural Marxism, have essentially set the west up for failure.

When the effete political puppet, Justin Trudeau, stood for election as the Canadian Prime Minister, following in the slimy footsteps of his androgynous and equally unqualified American hero, Obama, and the third member of their evil, mindless trio, the mistake who married a woman old enough to be his mother, French President Macron, whose office has confirmed a report that the French leader spent 26,000 Euros (US$38,000) on makeup and a makeup artist during his first three months in power, the then Prime Minister of Canada, Harper, who made Canada the most financial successful of the G7 nations, said of the Trudeau disaster, “He’s not ready yet.”

And so Western countries find themselves in the most horrible shambles anyone has ever had the misfortune to encounter: daft, corrupt governments run by deviants who have provoked and supported an unprecedented attack on all that is decent, civilized and moral in favour of degeneracy, decadence, perversion, and the elevation of lower people to untouchable status. When the media screams that all races are equal, telling low IQ people that they are just as smart as everyone else, they are eager to believe it and furious when they discover, predictably, that they can’t cope. So they react viciously – the only way they know how.

People like the Facebook mogul suddenly, because they are very wealthy, are perceived by the brainwashed, dumbed-down North American public as having important opinions and superimposed wisdom. Censorship akin to Orwell’s 1984 is now a reality. And intelligent, principled people tend to feel slightly at sea about the shambles we see all about us. But there is hope.

Longfellow wrote, “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.” And these astute, successful, and wealthy people are not going to let things go too far. Witness the rise of Trump and the incredible resistance he is encountering and successfully resisting from the debauched socialists and their lapdog media, along with Soros. And Trump will prevail, simply because big business and successful entrepreneurs have far to much at stake, too much to lose by seeing the US turn into another Cuba, Zimbabwe, France, or Venezuela.

Another reason why people elect the worst possible candidates as their leaders at a certain stage is explained here. But once things hit the tipping point, they quickly convert from r Selection to K Selection.

And the Tipping Point is what this is all about. We see some smart east European nations standing up to the barbarous onslaught of Islam. Poland and Hungary have refused to take in any refugees under a 2015 deal that was supposed to allocate 160,000 people among EU member countries in order to take the load off Greece and Italy. Warsaw shrugged off the threat. “In agreeing to take in refugees, the [previous government] put a ticking bomb under us,” Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak told reporters in Brussels. “We’re defusing that bomb.”

The rise of the savages is going to be curtailed – violently if necessary. Too many good people and large financial institutions are starting to see the cause of the devastating murders and destruction across Europe and the havoc that has been allowed at the hands of Black Lives Matter and other terrorist organizations, all in the name of “Political Correctness” and “acceptance.” This madness, dear Reader, is going to end.

Robin Elliott

As a Man Speaketh

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In the outstanding TV series, “Colditz,” in Season 1, Episode 10, “Tweedledum,” (see below), Wing Commander George Marsh (Michael Bryant) – is a medical orderly and assistant to the British Medical Officer in the German prisoner of war castle. Marsh is the officer who famously feigned insanity to achieve repatriation. The sad part is that after feigning insanity for a long time, he eventually went insane.

This story is based on reality. It’s based on Ion Ferguson, a Royal Army Medical Corps doctor imprisoned in Stalag IV-D. He feigned his insanity to get back home to Britain. He detailed his experience in “Doctor at War” book, and this episode was written based on this man’s experience. This is often true in the case of hypochondriacs and psychosomatic disorders.

You can tell a lot about somebody just by watching him and listening to him speak. By observing the people he associates with and the books he reads, you can calculate pretty accurately what kind of future he is creating.

Before giving a General a new command, Napoleon would always ask him, “Are you lucky?” We know that the power of self-fulfilling prophecy is a very real thing. Years ago, a friend and mentor of mine adopted Paul J. Meyer’s personal slogan (as did I), which is, “I’m happy, healthy, and successful.” When he nearly died from severe kidney stones, his doctor told him that his positive attitude saved his life. In fact, the slogan adorns my computer screen at home; I see it every time I look at the screen.

When I ride my bike, I often go through useful and important positive affirmations, like, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” When my Mom was a child, she fell off her bike and the handlebar stuck right into her side. During her long recovery in the hospital, a friendly doctor told her to take sips of water and repeat that affirmation.

The same works negatively, of course, as well. People who repeat, “I always drop things,” or “Nobody likes me,” end up finding these things materializing in their lives. It’s no wonder that one of the names of Jesus Christ is the Word. The Bible holds the secret to successful living and victory.

“I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me” is a pretty good way to start your day. Dale Carnegie taught us, “ACT enthusiastic, and you will BE enthusiastic!” Put a smile on your face, through your shoulders back, and walk and talk like a winner; don’t slouch around and mumble like a whiner.

I recommend everyone read the Dhammapada by the Buddha and take it’s valuable teachings to heart. Control your mind and your speech, control your input – what you read, see, and hear, and whom you associate with – and you control your destiny to a large extent. People who repeat things like, “Nothing can stop me,” “I am bulletproof,” “I will make it happen,” “fortune favours the brave, and I am brave,” and “you can rely on me,” and then follow through, end up winning.

Remember this: self-pity and selfishness is a guarantee of failure, and, as we read in the Bible, “without a VISION,” the people perish. We need to have a powerful vision and be passionately committed to it. Where focus goes, energy flows, and success grows. By teaming up with other winners who share our values, we know that together, we can do amazing things.

Robin Elliott

My Challenge – Think About This IQ Issue


Think of who attacks whom, who hates whom, and their countries, and you will realize that the following is not mere conjecture. 

Here’s my hypothesis or proposition: Lower IQ people resent the success of higher IQ people and hate them.

Now first, think about who is hated and despised, and you will find, in descending order, Jews (most hated), Asians (Chinese, South Koreans, Japanese), then Whites, then Hispanics, then Blacks. This corresponds directly to their average IQ, as you see here:

Next, think about the level of success attained in the following countries in descending order: Israel (most successful), then Asia (China, Japan, South Korea,) Western Countries (UK, North America, Norway, Sweden, European countries), then South American countries, then Sub-Saharan Africa – all countries in Africa south of the Sahara desert, plus Haiti and the like.

Note the most successful countries, their achievements in business and society, and the races who inhabit them. Note how the Jews are hated and blamed. Steven Pinker – who lectured on “Jews, Genes, and Intelligence” in 2007 – says “their average IQ has been measured at 108-115.” Israel is extremely successful regarding technology and more.  Jews constitute 20% of all Nobel laureates despite being 0.19% of the world’s population.

Next, the Asians we mentioned. Look at their countries and how successful they are. They enjoy the second highest IQ averaging 104. Many people hate them.                               The Whites and Europeans come next at an average IQ of 100. We all know how they are being attacked and blamed, particularly by Blacks.

The Whites and Europeans come next at an average IQ of 100. We all know how they are being attacked and blamed, particularly by Blacks.

Then the Hispanics, Spanish speaking – with an average IQ of 90.

Finally the Blacks – African Americans: average IQ of 85. Subsaharan Africa: average IQ of 70. Look at their countries and their achievements, and you will have to agree.

Who hates whom? Who blames whom? Who feels like victims? Who builds, innovates, and produces? The less successful and the lower their IQ, the more they hate those who are smarter and more successful than they are. Facts are facts. One can’t argue against genetic realities when the evidence is so blatant. You don’t see Asians and Jews attacking and reviling Whites.

This is also evident in the workplace. Remember: An average IQ of 100, for example, means that some will be higher than 100 and some lower – it’s a bell curve like the illustration above – but the vast majority will be close to 100.

Robin Elliott.



10 Reasons Why an IPS Distributorship in the Baby Boomer Market is Worth Seriously Considering



  1. Not everyone is good at selling or recruiting.

Knowing this, we designed IPS Safety Inc. Distributorships to take this important factor into consideration. We specialize in the use of Leverage and Collaboration and we teach our IPS Safety Inc. Distributors to use that to build their businesses instead of hard selling and knocking on doors.

  1. Nobody wants to pay leases, carry inventory, get licensed, deal with customers, or handle the financial transactions if they don’t have to.

Our company handles all of the above and more. Our Distributors don’t have to be licensed or carry insurance or create websites. All sales, shipping, customer service, warranties, etc., is handled via our website and staff, leaving our Distributors to work freely and unhindered. The company carries the inventory.

  1. Nobody wants to have to approach Friends and Family or Past Business Associates in order to sell them stuff.

Knowing this, our system makes it possible to work without contacting anyone you know if you don’t want to. After all, there are much more people that you don’t know!

  1. Nobody should risk more money than they can afford to lose.

We insist our IPS Safety Inc. Distributorships do not invest more than they can afford to lose. There is no hard sell or pressure from our side. We only want people who want to work with us and who can afford to do so.

  1. People want to choose their own lifestyle, and not be forced into a cookie-cutter, job-like routine.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our system. Work in your own time from anywhere in the world. Create your own routine according to the lifestyle you choose and your resources, skills, and experience.

  1. People should NOT have to limit the potential amount of money they can make.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make in your IPS Safety Inc. Distributorship since the market is growing by 10,000 Seniors per day in North America and our Distributors can sell anywhere in North America, regardless of the territory they invest in. There are already over 60 million Seniors over the age of 60 in the US alone.

  1. People should care about the people their business helps and believe in their products and services.

All our Distributors own at least one of each of our products and use them themselves, all are over the age of 45, and all are aware of the serious, increasing problems faced by Seniors in North America.

  1. People need support, training, coaching, mentoring, and help when they need it.

We personally train and mentor and educate our Distributors on an individual, ongoing basis. We are available, capable, and eager to help. Our system is proven to work and is working well.

  1. A good business has a serious purpose and vision to help many people meet urgent needs.

Every ten minutes, a Senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a related dementia in Canada alone. Falls, wandering, loneliness, abuse, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and many other problems are on the increase, including the pressure on the adult children of Seniors, and who outnumber the Seniors, and our products assist in each case. We also help relieve the stress and pain of the caregivers of these Seniors and we are Seniors ourselves, so we understand the issues.

  1. A really good business is constantly evolving, growing, and changing to meet current needs with the right products and services.

We are constantly evolving, upgrading, and finding new and better products. We are in touch with the best manufacturers and their engineers and we are always open to suggestions from the marketplace and our IPS Safety Inc. Distributors. We are flexible and open and we stay ahead of the curve with cutting edge products and exceptional customer service.

Robin Elliott IPS Safety Inc.

Great Horse, Bad Jockey? Or Great Jockey, Bad Horse?


I have often encountered people failing miserably in excellent business opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with the opportunity or the business, but the person trying to make it work just doesn’t fit. Like a bad jockey on a good horse. And sometimes, the opportunity isn’t what it seemed to be. So why did they get involved with that business?

Of course, many like to blame the person who introduced us to the opportunity where we lost time, money, reputation, or hope. And in some cases, the person selling was misled by the ego of the person buying, who assured the seller that he was quite capable of moving mountains and fighting lions with his bare hands. Or the seller was simply greedy and didn’t care. But usually, there is more to it.

After experiencing, first hand, how most of the opportunities out there are not what they are touted to be, including most franchises, Network Marketing opportunities, and regular businesses, and how most Network Marketing businesses are short lived and/or only make money for those who recruit a lot of people, who in turn will lose their money, my business partner and I decided to design a business that would fit the average person and help Seniors.

You see, we know that the average person isn’t a great salesperson or recruiter. We know that the regular guy isn’t a technological genius, either. So we designed a business that reached the biggest market and need in North America, which is Seniors, and in which all financial transactions, recruiting, delivery/shipping of products (real products), customer service, warranties, sourcing of products, holding of inventory, and more are handled by the company. Our Distributors merely do what the average person can quite easily do if motivated. And there is no hard selling required. We provide all the tools.

And we only accept applicants for our Distributorships who can afford to invest the amount required, who are able to do what will be necessary, whom we like, whom we will be comfortable working with, who are motivated and will follow the system, and who are over 45 years old. We are selective and careful not to accept bad jockeys for the wonderful horse we have created.

That way, when someone is accepted as an IPS Safety Inc. Distributors anywhere in North America, we know that he or she is a capable jockey who can do well with us, and together we can continue to build the business and make money, have fun, and most importantly, help a lot of Seniors. Zig Ziglar said, “you can get anything you want out of life if you are prepared to help enough other people to get what they want.” And we know that together, we can do amazing things. The Distributors who are already on board are happy, and so are we – we have GREAT jockeys.

For more information, even if you’re not interested in this particular opportunity, but would like some guidance in choosing ANY business opportunity, please view the video below:


Robin Elliott IPS Safety Inc.

In Which Area are You Really Allowing Yourself to be Censored?


We tend to think of censorship only in the form of the government controlled media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google, but there is more than that – and possibly, you haven’t even considered the extent to which your opinion and voice is being censored – with your approval.

Henry Louis Gates wrote, “Censorship is to art as lynching is to justice.” And we know that when the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.  Censorship is essentially about the fear of the censor. And, as I said, it’s not only in the written word. Which clubs, groups, religion, organizations, and friendships are you involved in, where you are careful which opinions to keep to yourself? At work, in church, at your club, amongst your friends?

When do you find it necessary to “bite your tongue” and not say how you really feel? When, and in which circumstances, are you careful not to “offend” for fear of being ousted, reviled, shunned, or held back from promotion, or even demoted, because of your honest feelings? After all, when the government censors ideas, publications, and people, it’s because the government is afraid that they will be exposed for the tyrants they really are, and when groups censor their members, it’s the same fear – exposure.

Want to know who is bullying, controlling, and manipulating you, and who is taking advantage of you and ripping you off? Here’s the answer: Anything or anyone that you refrain from questioning, criticizing, or offending is doing so. You may not have considered that. People need to keep others that are being lied to in line – that’s how group dynamics and programming work. Propaganda is based on spaced repetition – “I know that, I am that, I believe that…” Bullies bank on the timidity, cowardice, need for acceptance, and greed of their victims.

When you put your own integrity and personal honesty on hold, when you remain silent instead of speaking up, you are allowing yourself to be censored – controlled. Your popularity and acceptance by others, or money, are more important to you than the truth. When do you turn a blind eye? What do you overlook? Who are the real racists? Who are the real fascists?

Do you want to know what is true? Learn from what is being censored, banned, prohibited. See which groups are being protected; they are your persecutors, government stooges. And don’t fall a victim to the subtle poison of personal censorship in the groups you choose to belong to.

Robin Elliott