About Robin Elliott


Robin J. Elliott is Marketing Director and part owner of AdXperts.com, a signage company in Vancouver.

He is the Principle of Leverage Business Systems, helping small business owners to use strategy, leverage, joint ventures, reciprocation and collaborative marketing to increase their sales and profits since 1987. The implementation of his proven systems incur minimum cost and risk.

He helps people develop multiple, lucrative streams of leveraged income with minimal risk and cost.

He is a Gold Director Elite 3 Affiliate with Karatbars International with over 12,500 Members in more than 56 countries in his Team.

His background includes Psychology, Military Intelligence, Work Study (Organization and Methods), Hotel Management, Sales Management, Transactional Analysis and Sales.

He is the author of fifteen books and he has lived in Vancouver, British Columbia since 1997.

Mr. Elliott is very active on LinkedIn (over 14,400 connections) – his testimonials speak for themselves.

He has been happily married to his wife, Rika Elliott, since 1986. They have four children and six grandchildren.

If you are a business owner considering signage, his coaching service, or a Karatbars career, you may contact him at robin@leverageadvantage.com or call 1.604.785.2536 cell (9-5, Pacific Time) to arrange your free, no-obligation interview.


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