We all do things, wish for things, and create things to get certain feelings. These feelings are common to us all. Whether you want a new car, wealth, freedom, a holiday, a better job, or an escape – whatever you want is to satisfy basic human emotional needs, and here they are:

  • Meaning
  • Hope
  • To be loved
  • To feel important
  • Peace of mind
  • Security
  • Happiness
  • That there is a reason why things happen the way they do, or why they happened to us
  • Being forgiven (overcoming guilt)
  • Peace with death

Everything we hope for and do is to bring us these feelings and to escape the bad feelings of worry, guilt, fear, hopelessness, and regret. Most of the things we do don’t work very well or they provide only temporary relief or insufficient relief. Escapes are temporary and often dangerous. Many of the things we do result in an even worse situation. But there is one solution that is guaranteed to work every single time. It is, in fact, the only true solution available to man.

Many years ago, my life was unhappy on many levels. A friend talked to me next to my car in a parking garage. He drew a diagram similar to the one below on his notepad and revealed that Christ was the bridge from where I was to where I wanted to be. I got down on my knees then and there in that parking garage and prayed the prayer at the end of this article. It changed my life.

There is an Owner’s Manual that was created by the One Who created us, Who built us, Who understands us intimately and individually, and Who loves us. It’s called the Bible, and it describes exactly what we should do in order be happy, at peace, secure, forgiven and loved, and to understand the meaning of life and what happens when we die.

Sadly, many of us have been disillusioned by churches, cults, religious leaders, and Christians who have offered us the wrong “lenses” through which to view and understand the Bible and God. We have judged God by people and the organizations/churches which people have built. I did, and I ended up becoming an Atheist. God forgave me and I returned to Him after a few years. Now I’m stronger than ever.

In addition, the world has worked hard on discrediting the Bible and Christianity for a long time. So it takes courage, motivation, and sincerity to revisit the opportunity to accept the only solution that works perfectly. When we do, everything starts to make sense at last. And it starts with a simple decision and commitment to accept Christ as our Lord, to ask for His forgiveness, and to start to follow Him. He has promised us that when we do this, His Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us, as though Jesus Christ was physically with you 24/7 as a guide and a companion.

It doesn’t happen overnight; you don’t get fit and reach your goal weight as soon as you join the gym. You don’t play like a maestro after your first piano lesson. But I assure you: if you want the peace that passes all understanding, if you want to feel secure and happy and that your life has meaning, if you want to be free of guilt, this is the only way to go. Do you need a church or a group or a mentor to accomplish this? No. But if you find the right one, it helps a lot – just as the wrong one will misguide you by getting you to view things through a distorted lens.

By using the Bible and the Holy Spirit as your GPS, by sincerely building a relationship with Christ through prayer, and by turning from a life of wrong choices, you can have a wonderful life.

Here’s a simple prayer that can get you onto the bridge that only Christ provides:

“Father God, I accept that I am a sinner and that I need You. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Please forgive me for my sins. Please send me Your Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me to make the right choices; I can’t do it on my own. I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Pray, read your Bible, ask for help to learn more when you need it. The more you learn and pray, the harder you work at building your relationship with God, the closer you feel to Him,  and the better it gets.

 P.S. Check the motives of the people who offer you religious help: do they ask you for money, do they throw umpteen meaningless rules and regulations at you, and do they demand your time? Do they tell you they are the only true religion/denomination? Do they insist on dress codes and make demands? Watch out for these signs of a cult, especially if they have additional “holy” books to the Bible and they have a “Prophet” or founder. Jesus Christ is the Founder and He is God.

Contact me if you have questions.

Robin Elliott