A whore is a whore in any situation, at any age, and at any time in history, as is a mercenary, a traitor, a collectivist, a God-hater, a pedophile, a prostitute, and a politician. Greed, envy, lust, lies, pride, addiction, fascism, perversion – poison doesn’t have an expiry date; it just changes its mask or its name over time; it masquerades as social justice, kindness, acceptance, tolerance, or diversity,  but it’s still the same poison, just as marijuana and cocaine are called by different names.

When one considers how few people read good books these days, when you observe the media/propaganda the average person chooses to consume, and when you see whom they learn from, it’s no wonder dysgenics is firmly rooted in our society and that socialism, perversion, and corruption have taken over our Western governments. Our banks and big businesses are predators. We are fed lies in the shape of statistics regarding inflation, the price of gold, and the states of our nations.

US Members of Congress become multimillionaires on a salary of $170,000.  People who stood up against the Clintons and threatened to reveal their crimes were murdered. This is nothing new, it has been going on since time began. Christianity has been divided and distorted since the time of Christ and Galatianism, and the Muslim “religion of peace” has always been the same bloodthirsty, sick and dangerous political system.

When you read good books, you get to choose your company, learn from the best brains in history and the present day, get an historical and philosophical overview and understanding of the way things are working in the present day and what the outcome is likely to be, avoid assholes and grow spiritually, intellectually, and philosophically whenever you wish and to the extent you desire.

Any intelligent person who genuinely wishes to understand today’s world should have at least read the Bible, “1984,” “Atlas Shrugged,” “The Fountainhead,” “The True Believer” by Eric Hofer, and “Animal Farm” to have a clear perspective of what is going on and the extent of our present predicament. We can learn from very smart people.

Eventually, we learn to identify clues as to who the person is behind the mask, what the organization is really all about, and what the risk factors really are.

I only had to observe what happened in Africa and in countries in other parts of the world when the Whites left to know that I should leave Rhodesia and then South Africa: it was obvious that the countries would collapse into socialism, corruption, poverty,  White genocide, and general violence and crime when savages with an average IQ of 70 took over trying to run the place.

And so we inevitably come to the place where we ask, “What can I do?” Having identified and avoided drinking the government Kool-Aid/poison, we can learn and help others like Viktor Frankl has by writing “Man’s Search for Meaning.” We can preach and teach the truth. And we can prepare financially and physically for what is obviously going to befall us. We can move to places that are less likely to self-destruct, or that will at least take longer to do so than the place we are in. We can learn and build strong relationships. We can become unattached, lean and mean.

But, most importantly of all, we can strengthen our relationship with Christ. This will be the best support and help by far in any circumstances in the future. It will reveal poison and help us avoid it as we become familiar with the Bible and God’s plan for us.

Relying on one particular church to interpret the Bible and God’s will is extremely dangerous because we know that many churches are, in fact, compromised, delusional, and corrupted and teach incorrect interpretations of Christianity. One only has to consider the cults and the pedophilia that is rampant in the Roman Catholic Church to know this.

Dig the well before you thirst, and don’t drink the poison.

Robin Elliott