Years ago, a friend of mine was addicted to gambling, and he had already mortgaged his wife’s house to the hilt without her knowledge; she was under the impression that she was living mortgage free. When I spoke to him about his dire situation and the debts he owed to dangerous money lenders, he simply told me that he would win on the horses that day.

In Viktor Frankl’s excellent book, Man’s Search for Meaning, he writes, “In psychiatry, there is a certain condition known as delusion of reprieve. The condemned man, immediately before his execution, gets the illusion that he might be reprieved at the very last minute. No one could yet grasp the fact that everything would be taken away. All we possessed, literally, was our naked existence.”

Frankl was writing about his experience in Auschwitz; he was among the prisoners who had just arrived at concentration camps. These prisoners firmly believed that they themselves would not be murdered and mistreated, even though they were familiar with the camps’ reputations.

White South Africans, in spite of overwhelming evidence and personal experience, succumb to the illusion that they will not be thrown out of their homes and murdered in the streets. “It won’t happen to me” – in spite of the fact that friends and perhaps family have been attacked, robbed, possibly raped or murdered. And so they believe things will turn around; Trump will save them, or a new black President will somehow, impossibly, be different from all his predecessors since Mandela, unlike most African dictators, or that “something” will happen.
This is a natural self-defense mechanism kicking in – denial, delusion, ignoring hard facts, searching for flimsy evidence to support the remote possibility of their hopes.
What is the solution? Many can’t get out of the country for various reasons – they’re too old, too sickly, too poor, too White to qualify as immigrants or even refugees in most liberal/cultural Marxist western countries – the Liberal Canadian government has already told White, Christian South African refugee claimants that they’re all racist, White supremacists.
Others are simply too greedy to leave their wealth behind and flee, or too timid, so they risk seeing their wives and children raped and tortured to death in front of them like thousands of others, just because they’re White, and they cling desperately to their delusion of reprieve and wait.
This applies to many people in many situations. My purpose here is not to point fingers at White South Africans who face death on a daily basis – I have elderly sisters there – but to have us all ask ourselves how this might apply to us. What are we avoiding, potentially at great cost? Are we living in denial regarding any matters or developing situations, rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic? Getting old is one of the things people like to avoid thinking about and preparing for, just as we like to avoid the subject of our deaths – the one certain thing in life.
The solution in life is to regularly talk with an objective person who cares about you and is “outside your box.” We all need perspective, we all need wakeup calls, motivation, suggestions, ideas, insights, and then to TAKE any REMEDIAL ACTION you can.
My wife and I met with our accountant today for insights about financial options we have, and he provided valuable information that will save us a lot of money and light our way. He’s a CPA and  CA, so he knows whereof he speaks.
Finally, our guide through it all should be the Bible – the Word of God. One can’t go wrong when we earnestly seek God leading and guidance by His Holy Spirit. Here’s God’s Prescription for Worry.
Robin Elliott