A 25-pack of cigarettes costs around $12 in Canada. A fancy Starbucks? around $4.50. The average price of a beer in Canada is $7. A meal for one in an inexpensive restaurant is $15. A movie ticket is around $13. Add popcorn – another $6.50. So you go out – alone – and buy a pack of cigarettes, and on the way there you stop at Starbucks.

After the movie, you pop into an ABC for a spot to eat and you have a beer with your meal. Total cost: around $51.50. Big deal. But how do these regular little things that add up? 

A pack of cigarettes plus just one Starbucks every day = $6,022 per year. Add a meal with two beers twice a week = $3,016 per year. Add a movie ticket and popcorn every two weeks = $507 per year, and you’re looking at a total yearly cost of $9,545.

Of course, not everyone smokes, but then some drink more or more exotic drinks, some drink more coffee than one a day, many buy meals and snacks daily, some buy hockey tickets, and so on. Few keep a record of what they’re spending, but most would be shocked at how much they’re wasting on unnecessary things while complaining that they don’t have enough money. 

Now your money can either be your master or your slave. It’s your choice. You can make your money work for you. Did you know that pedicab drivers in New York charge a dollar a minute? That’s $60 per hour for pedaling people around instead of paying a health club to go “spinning.” A five to ten block pedicab ride in Vancouver sells for $20 plus a tip. That’s at least $40 per hour. And you get fit into the bargain. In London, England, one pays more to ride in a Pedicab than in a taxi! Every town can use a few pedicabs.

Now, if you’re a real entrepreneur, you will pay others to pedal and you’ll also sell advertising on the backs and sides of the pedicabs. And you can purchase a great Pedicab for around CD$5,000 plus shipping!

There are numerous applications and uses for these trikes/rickshaws, including renting them out for $500 per week, conventions, promotions, tour companies – the list is endless – a fun, safe, environmentally friendly way to get around. For that low price, you can start with one or two and get them on a credit card – pay the card off as you sell your services. And cut out all that waste we mentioned earlier. Let’s talk about your options.

Robin Elliott  IPS Safety Inc.