According to Statistics Canada, only 4.6% of married and common-law couples in Canada are in mixed unions. So why are 50% of couples in Canadian TV adverts of mixed race?

According to Statistics Canada, blacks represent only 3.5% of the Canadian population. So why are 50% of the people in Canadian television adverts black?

This list of 166 spectacular presidential accomplishments by Donald Trump in a mere 333 days is based on verifiable facts. Any objective, intelligent person reading this list would agree that Trump has been an excellent President so far. So why is Canadian television lambasting him, smirking at him, and following the Democratic US lapdog media in lockstep?

“Hate speech” only refers to people who reveal and mention the crimes, violence, bad behaviour, and corruption of the LGBT community, blacks, and Muslims in Canada. On the other hand, the LGBT community, blacks, and Muslims can say and do pretty much whatever they like. And usually, crimes by members of these groups are only mentioned on Canadian TV when they cannot be swept under the rug and avoided.

Christians, white people, especially white males, and traditional Canadian holidays, names, and morals are the targets of Canadian TV, and so-called “refugees,” even those who simply walk across our borders with no other justification than their claim that Trump is “persecuting” them are untouchable. To know who is bullying you, simply ask whom you may not criticize.

Canadians are slowly but surely becoming sick and tired of this immoral, unfair onslaught on our values and future. Our Seniors are being pushed aside in the medical services in order to accommodate the “refugees,” who are instantly given more money than Canadians who have lived here and contributed all their lives.

Canadian television is social engineering at its best, the implementation of a Brave New World scenario in the True North. Are we still so strong and free?

Robin Elliott