“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.” 1Corithians 13:11

When your worldview doesn’t change with age and experience, when there is no evidence of personal evolution, when your philosophy and value system doesn’t mature and advance, you’re a child that hasn’t grown up.

Naturally, when you’ve been babied by your parents and you’re a timid and reticent adventurer, one can’t expect much development, but the natural physical and mental growth that comes with age, the exposure to new people of your own age, and even a nominal amount of new experiences must of necessity afford at least some growth.

Yet we see all around us the Peter Pan complex, adult men acting like schoolboys, girlish and immature, demanding, selfish, and pouting, displaying a feeling of righteous entitlement that would have landed them in an asylum or at least earned them a solid beating by real men a few decades ago. These puerile parasites live off their aging parents, wives, or live-in lovers, playing video games, taking selfies, and attending Comic Cons, all the while feeling not a jot of remorse or well-deserved embarrassment.

The worst are the “stay-at-home-dads” and the minimum wage earning sloths who always have advice for everyone, consider themselves experts in most fields, and are indignant that they can’t afford to live in the most expensive neighbourhoods. In a hospital waiting room, I witnessed one asking his fellow patients for a bottle of water “because there wasn’t a glass in the restroom.” Has he never thought of using his hand under a tap to drink water?

These 43-year-old men of stunted development and low IQ need constant coddling and spend their time whining and complaining.

The sad reality is that they get worse with age. They decline rapidly, and the obese among them (lack of self-discipline being the hallmark of the immature) end up with many serious medical problems, so their wives effectively become their nurses.

Why women stay with them is amazing to me. This article by Anna Moore should be required reading for women who find themselves involved with these children in men’s bodies.

Robin Elliott