The cultural Marxist media and governments in the West have brainwashed their dumbed-down citizens to a remarkable extent. Their programmed, automatic responses reveal just how little they think, objectively evaluate, compare, ask probing questions, and review simple statements in context before resorting to brainless assumptions and accusations.

How do YOU respond to facts and statements that you hear or read? Do you immediately categorize, pigeon-hole, and condemn before giving your mind some time to soberly and open-mindedly ponder the implications, before jumping to a confusion? Are you prepared to reconsider or re-evaluate your philosophy, beliefs, and ideas when confronted with new information? In other words, how brainwashed are you? Are you a puppet of the Cultural Marxists, like Obama and Trudeau?

The most powerful programming in our Western society includes four main labels:

“anti-black racism”



and Feminist, pro-LGBTQIA, anti-White male stereotyping.

Here are some examples of statements of simple, proven facts. Check your responses:

  1. I mentioned that I had read that six Jewish-owned companies control 96% of the world’s media. I was called anti-semitic. (I did a lot of business with Jewish people in South Africa.)
  2. I mentioned that I provide for my wife through our business and protect her and do the heavy lifting, while my wife cooks, irons, does the business books, and other things women do. I open the car door for her and pull her chair out for her. I carry the groceries. She behaves like the refined lady that she is. I was called a misogynist. (Anyone who has met my wife would laugh at that accusation and I trained gay people in multiple hair salons for hair product franchises owned by Jewish people.)
  3. I mentioned proved statistics regarding the devastating effect in Europe from the mass importation of Muslim refugees. I was called Islamaphobic. (My business partner in South Africa was Muslim and my business partner here in Canada is also Indian.)
  4. As an ex-South African, a Canadian Citizen who has been here for 20 years and left there at the age of 46, I know something about Africa and what is going on there. But when I mentioned the fact that 95% of the cream of the crop has fled the white genocide in South Africa, that is a million White, educated, productive, skilled people. While Canada encourages and welcomes black and Muslim “refugees,” regardless of their illnesses and infections, fake papers, criminal backgrounds, and lack of education and skills, their response to the White South African Endres family’s refugee application last year was “white-supremacist hate literature that should be ignored” and the government further argued that concerns for their children were based on “patently unreliable racist propaganda.” So far this year, not one White South African refugee applicant has been accepted. The information about their refugee application was from the National Post. I was immediately accused of being an anti-black racist. (See my video and written testimonials from black friends and clients on my website.)

It’s been said, “Take note of whom you may not criticise – they are the bullies in the playground. They have a definite agenda or they are being manipulated by a stronger force. Evaluate your level of programming and consider exposure to information that possibly can set you free.

As a fun, revealing exercise to see just how vehemently people will attack you to justify their own failings, weaknesses, and addictions, post things against smoking, fat people, and marijuana on social media. Shocking. The knee-jerk reaction is usually a sign that the “offended” cretin fears confronting what he senses is the truth.

Robin Elliott