Canada lags behind the U.S., U.K., and E.U. when it comes to protecting pensioners from financially distressed employers. Robert Bernier, who worked 39 years for Sears, wrote to CARP, “I worked my butt off for this company [Sears] only to realize that they are looking out for themselves and to hell with employees.”

Many companies’ retired employees are going to be experiencing this in the near future as the world changes and more and more products and services are sold online. As Wanda Morris, CARP’s VP of Advocacy said, “When companies declare bankruptcy, pensioners are given short shrift. The assets that are available go to secured creditors and executives, who often walk away with their wallets unscathed.”

Add to that the ongoing rise in prices of drugs, medical services, eyeglasses, dentistry, accommodation, and food, and we realize that we need to speedily prepare some additional, stable sources of income, and I’m not talking about Network Marketing or some other scheme. Relying on the government, pensions, and relatives – our adult children often lose interest when we become too much work or too costly, or when their spouse or live-in lover doesn’t like the idea of supporting us, especially when darling stepchildren are involved – is farcical.

As Seniors, we are part of the biggest, fastest -growing demographic in the U.S. and Canada, and that Seniors have increasingly urgent needs. We understand other Seniors and their problems and needs.

A smart man once said, “Dig the well before you thirst.” That applies to all of us, doesn’t it? Waiting around, hoping that things to improve is a mug’s game, to say the least, and often, we wait just too long; by the time we’re ready, it’s too late. Many of us can attest to that.

Another clever fellow said, “Business is to find a need and fill it.” You don’t want to be selling ice to Eskimos.

Add to that one more truism by Zig Ziglar, “You can get anything you want out of life if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want,” and you have a formula for success.

Stop wasting your retirement nest egg, your future security, on cruises, unnecessary purchases, and bribing your kids and grandchildren to spend time with you, and consider investing in your future security and stability. Let’s talk about how you can participate in our business of helping Seniors – call me direct: 604.785.2536 – I’m on Pacific Time – or contact me and I will call you. No pressure, no obligation, I promise.

Robin Elliott