The four things Marx talks about to control a society are:

  1. Destroy the Family
  2. Destroy Private Property
  3. Destroy Religion, particularly Christendom
  4. Destroy the Nation – Global Government

What you end up with is the Gulag.

Almost every movie that Hollywood puts out today must depict characters with at least one of the following attributes:

  1. The protagonist and/or the antagonist are divorced.
  2. The female is dominant, controlling, violent, and/or one-up on men.
  3. The male is aloof, feminine, overly sensitive, and/or cheating.
  4. Somewhere in the family, at least one immediate member is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or a womens’ Liber.
  5. Out of proportion amount of blacks in leading roles.
  6. Seniors – the elderly – are mainly White, so they are poorly represented and often mocked.
  7. Women run the family; men are willing fools.

Often, attributes are mixed in various proportions.

In Hollywood movies, the Whites have almost disappeared from positions of being heroes. In their place, blacks are cast are being very responsible, moral, wise, decent, godlike figures – active displacement of whites as media images, completely out of proportion with real demographics. Whites generally play the criminal roles, dishonest, weak, subservient, as opposed to strong black roles, scientists, computer analysts, teachers and professors to whom Whites go for advice – the displacement from center stage to the periphery for Whites. This is the preparation of Whites for their displacement in the culture as a whole through the mass import of “refugees” and intermarriage. Reality is denied.

When you note the characteristics of the leaders who are foisted upon Western nations: Obama, Trudeau, Macron, and Merkel, you see the role models that embody the above deviant characteristics. Nikita Kruschev said, “Comrades! We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all. Berlin is the testicle of the West. When I want the West to scream, I squeeze on Berlin.”

The website, SmashCulturalMarxism.com is highly recommended. For Marxists, all allegiances to family, race, sovereignty, homogeneity, nationalism, and culture are seen as major obstacles to the communist takeover. In order to remove resistance, it will have to be crushed and eroded within every White person. The achievers and producers must be brought down to the same level as the lazy, the losers, the failures, the parasites, the less intelligent, so they send the message that we’re all the same, and that diversity is good. That is how you make everyone “equal.” Read Atlas Shrugged and 1984.

“Racism” offenses (only by Whites), hate speech laws, gender confusion, mass immigration, immorality, the systematic promotion of sexual deviances in society,  an unreliable legal system with bias against the victims of the crimes, Feminism/Man-Hating, low birthrates amongst Whites – and “Political Correctness” all result from the Frankfurt School. We truly do live in an Orwellian dystopia if people really believe that diversity is a strength. The media, Hollywood, governments, and social media are working hand-in-hand to impose strict censorship on free speech and any orther resistance to the Cutural Marxist agenda.

“Our task is not to tell the truth; we are opinion moulders.” ~ Walter Cronkite.

Robin Elliott