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“There’s light at the end of the tunnel” is such a cliche that most people don’t even hear it anymore, however, there is a lot of truth in this analogy. There is either light or there isn’t. It’s better to turn the light on yourself that to hope or wait for someone else, least of all the government, to do it for you. So how can you do it?

I acknowledge that there is an astonishing assortment of tunnels. Emotional pain, whether it be imagined or real, or physical pain, whether temporary or permanent, increasing or subsiding, or financial pain, the dark, seemingly neverending tunnel is often lonely and frightening. We feel trapped and frequently at the end of our tether. Sometimes, we feel as though our situation is hopeless!

When it comes to physical and emotional pain, be careful not to grab at straws. There are myriad con artists and scammers out there ready to steal your money and feed on your desperation, from religious cranks to “holistic” healers and “alternative” health healers – witchdoctors who are no different from their African equivalents, except that they dress in modern-day attire. All I can say is that Christianity and Buddhism have worked for me regarding emotional pain.

I would like to address financial pain – your “money tunnel.” It’s running out faster than it’s coming in, there seem no ready solutions, and too many desperately rely on government hand-outs, which are designed to enslave you and turn you into a willing voter. Others, the parasites among us, drain the coffers of their relatives, spouses, friends, and anyone dumb enough to help them and enable them. Those who cannot help themselves are entitled to help from others who can afford to do so; I’m not referring to them.

Andy Stanley, in his book, Ask It, says we should ask three questions, and each is linked to the other two. When you consider a solution,

First, “What is the wise thing to do in the light of my past experiences?”

Second, before you decide, ask this, “What is the wise thing to do in the light of my present circumstances?” (They may be different from the circumstances in the past.)

And Third, ask, “What is the wise thing to do in the light of my future hopes, dreams, and goals?

All three together will provide you with a solid decision-making process. Naturally, you can run your decision by others who are wise, caring, experienced in the same situation or business, and who don’t have some agenda or ulterior, selfish motive regarding your decision. But ultimately, it;s your life and your decision. You know yourself.

Many times, we’re tempted to give up, write ourselves off, assume it’s too late, or we’re too old, or we can’t afford it, and whatever else. Remember, you don’t need the skills – you can work with others who do have the skills. Like Elon Musk and Henry Ford and many others. And every resource you need in business – be it money, access, connections, equipment, whatever, is already available through someone else, if you offer a win/win reason for them to share it with you. Someone else has what you need.

When my business partner and I created IPS Safety Inc., a North American company that provides security and safety for Seniors and savings and peace of mind for their caregivers, we based the system on our many years of successful experience in business and our complementary skill sets, plus my 30 years of specializing in Collaboration and Leverage. We created an opportunity that will fit anyone who is serious and driven and who we are certain will succeed. It is an excellent business opportunity and one way that you could create a bright, lasting light at the end of your money tunnel.

Robin Elliott       IPS Safety Inc.