The highly-respected author, Robert Kiyosaki, writes,Don’t look now— but we Baby Boomers aren’t kids anymore. We’re now the Dads and Grandpas (and Moms and Grandmas) that today’s Gen-Y kids roll their eyes at. They think we don’t know how to use a computer or an iPad. And we’re probably the last people anyone under 30 thinks would start a business.

“Well, I have an announcement: we’re not dead yet! Boomers (born between 1946-1964) have been starting businesses at rates like never before. In fact, every one of the past 15 years, Boomers have had a higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than Gen-Y’ers.

There are a number of reasons for this, but my own non-scientific favorites are:

– Boomers come from a self-reliant generation that’s not afraid of hard work
– Boomers have a lifetime of experience they want to apply in their own businesses
– 50 (even 60!) is the new 30!

The great news is, this has to be the best time ever to start a business. Because the internet has made the whole world our marketplace.”

Here’s an Ideal Business for Baby Boomers:

Baby Boomers understand each other. And the fastest growing market in North America is Seniors and the safety and security of Seniors.

Now there is truly affordable business – a distributorship – that is designed to adjust to YOUR personal needs, resources, skills, time, and experience as one of our valued Distributors.

We serve the United States and Canada. Real products, real people, real money.

We provide electronic devices – cameras, tracking, SOS, fall devices, and hidden cameras – to keep Seniors safe. No inventory, shipping, or collecting money for you to worry about: all sales are made and tracked through our company website.

You will receive full training, mentoring, and support. We’re just a phone call away, based right here in Vancouver, Canada.

More information here.

Robin Elliott