When you read a book, you are reading the words, that is the thoughts, of the author.

As you read those words and thoughts, you are thinking those words or thoughts, ergo you are thinking the thoughts of the author. That means you are programming your brain with the thoughts of the author whose book you are reading.

That means you are programming your brain with the thoughts of the author whose book you are reading.

And if you are being programmed with the thoughts of the author, chances are good that you will behave like the author, make the same choices, embrace the values of the author.

And YOU get to choose the authors of the books you read. YOU get to choose your programming.

BUT WHAT ABOUT CHILDREN? 95% of the 12 year-olds I talk with don’t read books. Or, shall I say, the only books they read are those imposed on them by their government school teachers.  And the teachers are instructed by their superiors. This article reveals the extent of perversion and social engineering your kids are being taught in school books in Ontario. You probably don’t want your child’s brain programmed with this distorted filth:

“The sex lessons developed when Benjamin Levin, Ontario’s former Deputy Minister of Education, who has been charged with seven counts of child exploitation, including child pornography. was deputy minister, include teaching Grade 1 kids — six-year-old girls and boys — detailed sexual anatomy and vocabulary.

“Eight-year-olds are taught homosexuality — not just its existence, but its legitimacy as a sexual alternative.

“The new curriculum is clear on this. A wide range of sexual preferences are to be taught in an encouraging way, and any resistance — be it religious, cultural or just a child’s squeamishness with such adult subjects — is to be reformed and corrected by teachers.

“Grade 6 kids will be taught masturbation; Grade 7 kids about anal sex, as opposed to vaginal intercourse, in a discussion about abstaining from sexual activity. Not objectively, but in an advocacy model.”

We cannot allow government schools to program the brains of our vulnerable children. Homeschooling and the right choice of books to read, the right children to associate with, should be controlled by the parents. Just as you would protect your child against a dangerous predator in the woods, you need to protect him from the dangerous predator whom he is forced to obey at school. It’s not too late.

“Give me a child for the first five years of his life, and he will be mine forever.” − Vladimir Lenin, Russian Communist revolutionary and first premier of the Old Soviet Union (now Russian Bloc).

“One must always be careful of books,” said Tessa, “and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.” 
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

Robin Elliott