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How have Netflix, Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber differentiated themselves in the market to create massive growth and the ensuing wealth? What can we learn from them?

My wife and I popped into the Cockney Pride restaurant in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, for lunch and I enjoyed a magnificent steak and kidney pie, served by the elderly woman who owns the place and prepares the food. I would choose that place over many a swanky restaurant with their overpriced food and waitresses dressed like hookers. I would definitely prefer it to the restaurant chains with their mercenary, production-line servers who don’t have an inkling about customer service.

People ask me, “Why should we work with your company? Why should we get into business with you? Why should we buy products from you?What makes you so special?” All very good questions. When we set up our company, IPS Safety Inc., my business partner and I spent a year and a half creating a company that is superior to what is already out there. I will answer these questions below.

Why is important to have a Unique Selling Proposition?

Bad customer service has allowed Amazon to dominate the retail industry with great service.

Ridiculous late fees charged by Blockbuster allowed Netflix to put them out of business.

Uber has decimated the taxi “services” by improving on their limited amount of taxis and fare control.

Airbnb is damaging the hotel industry. How? They overcame the limited availability and pricing options of hotels.

Being Non-Customer Centric is the biggest threat to any business.  So at IPS Safety Inc., we changed that. You can show up at our door or call us or email us, and we will help our customers. We are available. Try that with most online purchases of these products or big box stores and see how far you get! Our Distributors and Salespeople don’t have to sell and recruit or carry inventory or deal with customers. They don’t have to source new products. We do it all for them.

And we’re flexible. We are open to sourcing new products. We are versatile. We have learnt from the likes of Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, and Netflix. And we have over 70 years of our own combined business experience working for us.

Robin Elliott