If I was a realtor, I would leverage my ugly mug. Instead of the bottle blondes and prom queens that flaunt their plastic good looks in the hopes of enticing brain dead buyers, I would advertise, This Ugly Realtor will tell you the Ugly Truth: No Botox, No BS, No Bluff! Which brings me to fake education. Just like the fake news, it leads to deception and failure. It tells parents that their kids can only succeed with a college degree.

How sad to see 90% of restaurant waiters in Vancouver with college degrees. In many cases, their brainwashed, well-meaning parents emptied their hard-earned life savings into that “education” that didn’t provide what it was supposed to: a bright future, a well-paying job… STOP RIGHT THERE. A JOB? Is that really what you want to impose on your kid? No security, a mediocre income, bootlicking and groveling a job requirement, selling his life and his time? Making his wife work and neglect their children because one income is seldom sufficient? Really?

Now, if your kid isn’t self-disciplined, hard working, reasonably intelligent, and a good communicator, he probably won’t succeed in his own business (unless the opportunity is a “done-for-you” type that will help people across the board to succeed by leveraging a proven system.) Apart from that, he probably needs a boss to kick him into shape, keep him on track, and control manipulate him with carrots and sticks because he would fail miserably in his own business.

But if you want your offspring to make a lot of money so that he can support you in your old age instead of moving into your basement and sponging off you or constantly borrowing money he never intends to return, and expecting you to give him a big tip when you visit the restaurant he slaves in, he needs to be in his own business. And that education is available quite easily and at a very low cost compared to that worthless, overpriced college degree.

Most business owners are generous and like helping young people to succeed, as long as the youngsters are hard working, reasonably smart, disciplined, reliable, and motivated, and they are prepared to reciprocate, which means work for what they learn, instead of expecting a hand-out like so many other spoilt, entitled millennials. As long as the kid is ready to “earn” his training, he can be taught how business really works by those who actually know what they are talking about.

Your son or daughter should choose a business that they are seriously interested in and passionate about, a place where they are prepared to make some sacrifices and learn how things really work in the real world as opposed to the lies they learn from academics, the media, and many of their friends. If you want to learn about business, learn from someone with a successful business track record.

Then approach the business owner and tell him you want to learn everything there is to know about how his business works and ask WHAT IT WILL TAKE IN RETURN. He now knows what you want, but what does he want? You will be surprised at the reception you get.

The following people never got a college degree: Ralph Lauren,  Steve Madden, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Zuckerberg, Rachael Ray, CocoChanel, Simon Cowell, James Cameron, Steve Wozniak, Richard Branson, Larry Ellison, Wolfgang Puck, Ted Turner, and many more.

Robin Elliott   IPS Safety Inc.