Are you still searching for the opportunity or system that will set you free from financial pressure and failure? Tried some and failed? Still looking for a way out of debt into a stress-free, happy life? Sick of working for a boss and commuting? You can simplify your search and lock down the right vehicle by following the following guidelines:

You can simplify your search and lock down the right vehicle by following the following “Twelve Commandments of Choosing a Business” guidelines:

  1. Avoid carrying inventory and shipping it
  2. Avoid customer service and complaints issues
  3. Avoid collecting payments and paying commissions
  4. Avoid leases, overhead, and rentals
  5. Avoid dealing with/training salespeople
  6. Avoid sourcing products and dealing with suppliers
  7. Never invest more than you can afford to lose
  8. Find one where you can work from home or from a phone or laptop
  9. Optimize leverage and collaboration
  10. Avoid dying markets
  11. Avoid an inflexible product range
  12. FOCUS ON SELLING, ideally through advertising and centers of influence

When my business partner and I created IPS Safety Inc., we spent a year finding the largest growing market – Seniors – and on electronic safety and surveillance products that are better than what is already out there. (Although the Seniors market is our main focus, our growing product range is applicable to business owners and homeowners as well.)

Our Unique Selling Proposition is personal service and quick-and-easy to set up and use, well-priced products.

We designed our business around leverage and collaboration: we offer affordable, lucrative Distributorships that adhere to all the above Twelve Commandments. We take care of everything: our Distributors only do three things: They advertise our products, advertise for more Distributors, and advertise for salespeople. And they can set up joint ventures with centers of influence if they wish, with our guidance.

We take care of the recruiting, training, and coaching of the Distributors and salespeople, and all sales are made on our company website. We handle products, customer care, warranties, shipping, procurement, licensing, insurance, commission payments, everything. After 30 years each in business, we know what works and what doesn’t work, and we designed IPS Safety Inc. accordingly.

We are based in Canada and we serve the entire North America. All sales made anywhere in North America by Distributors and by salespeople in the Distributors’ territories contribute to the Distributors’ income.

For more information, see HERE and call me.

Robin Elliott    IPS Safety Inc.