In more than thirty years in business, I have met and trained my fair share of people. Cowards are the worst, the weak only slightly better, and winners always win.

The COWARDS are those who will run like rats when the going gets tough; they are disloyal to a fault, politically correct, and seldom, if ever accept new challenges. Popularity and acceptance are very important to them. And when they turn down an opportunity and others, who accepted it, succeed, they viciously attack those who succeeded and call them dishonest, scammers, and greedy. But they rarely start anything – they find excuses not to immigrate, start a new business or venture, or accept a new challenge.

The WEAK are those who never finish anything. They are the “excusiologists,” living on excuses that nobody believes. They like to blame others, their parents, circumstances, their bosses. They are usually strong starters, even early adopters, but when one looks at their track record they will see that they seldom, if ever, finished anything they ever started, from diets to friendships to new business ventures. The weak are back-stabbers and saboteurs, too: too weak and afraid to confront issues like men. They threaten and lie.

The WINNERS never quit. They fall down, get knocked out, but always, like Rocky, bounce back. You can’t keep a good man down. They don’t know HOW to quit – winning is in their DNA. They believe in themselves and their mission, they are strong and passionate, and they inspire those around them. Most winners that I know run their own businesses; they don’t work for bosses, they don’t smoke, and they don’t compromise. They’re usually physically fit, too.

So, in summary, we can say, Cowards never start, the Weak never finish, and Winners always win. People can, but seldom change, and because time is money, we don’t want to waste it. Don’t hire or associate with the weak or with cowards: they’re not worth your time and attention and they’re a dime a dozen. Don’t try to change them or rescue them, because you will lose. Find winners, who are rare, and do what you can to keep them by your side.

Robin Elliott  IPS Safety Inc.