Aristotle said, “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtue of a dying society.” Dying how? Strength of character, clearly defined values, self-discipline, knowledge… these virtues are dying and largely lost to the dumbed-down, brainwashed, overfed, entitled, arrogant, underinformed, semi-literate sloths that waddle to the voting booths and spill their swill on their video game and TV controls.

How can one define whom to associate with during the very limited time we have available for real relationships? How can one identify those who are on a trajectory towards truth and growth, as opposed to those whose trajectory is away from reality and into the waiting claws of their masters? How do we plan our social environment in order to evolve an improve?

We become like those we spend the most time with, so it is imperative that we reject and avoid those who succumb to the mantra of the brain dead: “Be kind to, and tolerant and accepting of all (even if they kill and attack anyone who doesn’t accept their religion or worldview), because we’re all the same – there are no races (except the white race which we hate) and no sexes (except males whom we hate), and we are all born with the same IQ / abilities/ potential.” Hogwash! Collectivists, socialists, and Cultural Marxists have a specific, evil agenda, and that is the destruction of Western civilization and the creation of a tribe of willing, low-IQ, obedient servants, and this is done through Dysgenics.

The denial of the truth by the Left in no way diminishes the truth.

Those altruists and parasites who believe the world owes them a living, and that you are not entitled to anything that everyone else doesn’t have, who blame the successful for the plight of the unsuccessful, and who have no ambition, goals, or aspirations apart from their need to conform to the destructive wishes and demands of their masters, be those masters their religious leaders, Hollywood, government controlled media, or their friends, are cancerous to anyone who wishes evolve and be the best they can be.

Bridges to these people should be burned, bombed, and forgotten. Give them no access of any kind to yourself. The dishonest, the pretenders, those whose daily habits and choices reveal their lack of self-respect and the wellbeing of others, and the low-IQ, genetically retarded should also have any communication bridges to you destroyed. Most people cannot change, and very few who can, choose to do so. Most people do what is easy and popular, and think short-term. They are the dope smoking, promiscuous, cigarette smoking, drinking, obese, tattooed knuckle draggers that vote for leaders who promise them a life of easy hand-outs and legalized drugs. And they blame all their bad choices on luck, “disease,” or other people.

The androgynous, those who believe the world (or their wives or relatives or government) owes them a living, and those who use religion to excuse any and all behaviour of others, rather than confronting issues and standing up for their principles and values, and those who espouse subjective morality should be avoided at all costs.

Whom should we build bridges TO? Which bridges should we strengthen? Those who demonstrate a strength of character, clearly defined values, self-discipline, knowledge, ambition, kindness, a desire to improve and evolve and question, those who are open-minded, those who do not compromise truth and decency, who stand up for what they believe in, the courageous, the well read, the consistent, and the reliable. Seek out those from whom you can learn to be better, more successful, and happier. Build strong bridges to these winners.

And how about building bridges directly from your mind the very best minds the world has ever produced through their books? After all, when you reads the words penned by George Orwell (1984, et al), aren’t you, in fact, reading his thoughts, indeed thinking the actually thoughts of Orwell?

Robin Elliott