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What will your life look like in your old age? Will it be gourmet restaurants or soup kitchens? A trip to the food bank or a cruise to the Caribbean? A nice car or a stolen bicycle? Will you be better or bitter? Guess what? You choose, and it’s not too late to make some serious changes. In fact, what will it look like next month?

I asked the 12-year-olds in my Sunday School class who wanted the five dollar note I was holding up. Nobody wanted it. Amazing. So I held up a fifty. That, they wanted. I said, “If anyone asks me the right question, I will give them this fifty dollar note.” Of course, nobody asked the right question. This is the question: “What do I have to do for you today that will get you to give me that fifty dollar note today?” Be specific.

How does that apply to you, in your circumstances, today? Well, every business owner wants something. And most would be prepared to reciprocate if you give them what they want, right? It’s like asking an expert how to do something. When you offer to help someone achieve their goals, believe me, they will listen to you and answer you.

Here’s a simple example: I just called a friend of mine to tell him that if the person he referred me to a few days ago goes ahead and invests $25,000 in an IPS Safety Distributorship, my friend will receive the promised $2,500 commission that we pay for successful referrals. (I do all the explaining, selling, closing, etcetera.)

Now imagine you feel that $2,500 would be a welcome addition to your bank account. You would say to me, “Tell me exactly how to get you an investor, because I want to receive a cheque for $2,500 too.” And if you want $5,000, bring me two investors. Anywhere in North America. I will show you how. I have all the tools you need. Easy.

You want to create a regular monthly income, like a pension,  without selling anything, recruiting anyone, or investing a fortune? I have a solution. No stock market, Bitcoin, day trading, or anything like that, don’t worry.

Ask for what you want. Ask the right question. Talk to the right people. Be specific. And you have to be prepared to give to get. No begging. Parasites don’t get anywhere with business owners. It’s not too late to transform your financial future. The past cannot be changed, but the future is yet in your power. And together, we can do amazing things.

Robin Elliott  IPS Safety Inc.