Dealing with the incredible, illogical rejection of truth and reality among people inspired me to write this.

Seth Godin on facts we don’t like: “The problem with Orwellian talking heads, agitprop, faux news, and Ballmer-like posturing is that they take away a foundation for a genuine movement to occur because once we start denying facts, it’s difficult to know when to stop. Tell us where we are, tell us where we’re going.”

Remember, it’s human nature to seek evidence to support our dominant beliefs and values, and we develop scotomas to avoid any evidence to the contrary. Your Reticular Activating System works subconsciously twenty-four hours a day and the result is a close-mindedness that stuns critical thinkers.

In these days of flat-earthers, “global warming,” government-controlled media propaganda that eclipses its Soviets predecessors, especially in sales-and-marketing driven North America, and video-game minded millennials, we need to be careful when planning our lives. Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored or denied. It may be popular to be a “Gravity Denier,” but don’t try stepping off that 48 story building without doing your own research first.

In this excellent article, Why People “Fly from Facts” by Troy Campbell and Justine Friesen, we learn that otherwise intelligent people actually deny proven scientific facts to appease their opinion and remain comfortable. We prefer comfortable lies to the uncomfortable truth. It explains the willful blindness smart, objective people constantly encounter and don’t understand.

The Country of the Blind by H.G. Wells explains how cult members, the indoctrinated, brainwashed people, stupid people, and the plain lazy will reject, attack, even kill those who don’t succumb, agree, or join – think Jihad. Group Dynamics is real, folks. Try leaving a group of people, club, church, or organization, and see how many will shun, ignore, or avoid you. It’s quite amazing. And understanding how this all works makes it a lot easier to deal with and work with.

People seem to be addicted to their world views. And even a tobacco addict will tell you how hard it is to kick his foul habit. Those who stand strong for what they believe in – read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand – are anathema to the madding crowd. The rat race despises those who are different. This explains why a vast percentage of the population fall for the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public: Obama.

This information explains why a vast percentage of the US population fell for the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public: Obama. They had been programmed and set up by Hollywood and those who planned the whole disaster for years. The cancerous Cultural Marxism that grips the minds of so many in the West didn’t happen by accident. The suicide of Western Civilization by the organized influx of “refugees” and illegal “immigrants” is by design.

Finally, when people reject business opportunities that could literally change their lives for the better, it seldom has much to do with the presentation; the decision is usually governed by a conditioned reflex.

Robin Elliott