George Carlin said, “Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking. They want obedient workers, people just smart enough to passively accept their situation.” 

Apart from dramatically lowering the standards of their education systems through the insertion of distractions like “social justice” movements, liberal political interference through media and regulatory bullying and censorship, and the legalization of marijuana to fry young brains, how do they accomplish this?

In addition to undermining the financial wellbeing and health of the population through heavy taxes, increasing control by the pharmaceutical companies, and the spiraling costs of healthcare, along with the promotion of perversion, pedophilia (to placate their Muslim imports) they are using a carefully formulated program to create an Orwellian 1984 reality – and it’s working. How?

They are well aware of the r/K selection theory and import masses of people with r-type psychological characteristics under the banner of “refugees.” They enhance this group through generous welfare programs that operate primarily in favour of this parasitic, fast-breeding group and neglect the wellbeing and health the K-types. Governments further protect and encourage this group through strict “legal” punishment of any criticism against them under the guise of “anti-racism” and “Islamophobia.”

Government-controlled media depicts r-types as wise, compassionate, superior people and leaders in most movies and TV shows and promotes interracial marriage, breeding, dating, and copulation.

They decry and mock traditional marriage and applaud non-heterosexual relationships since they recognize the traditional heterosexual marriage and family unit as a distinct threat to their vile agenda. Christianity is a further menace, and so it is attacked mercilessly.

And so the dilution of the gene pool through breeding and interbreeding continues; the weakening and retardation of European, Western culture are escalated by legislated government policy. Dysgenics is the tool that Western governments use to create reliant, subservient, low-intellect pawns. And of course, any kind of eugenics solution is deplored and viciously attacked.

In the 1930s, two psychologists adopted a baby chimp to raise as their child alongside their real infant son, Donald, to see if this caused the chimp to learn human behaviour. They stopped the experiment after 9 months because their son actually started behaving more like a chimp. The behaviour of higher species atrophies when socialized with lower species; it regresses, deteriorates to meet the lower level of civilization.

In South Africa, the snowballing genocide of the white race by black people, actively and openly encouraged by the government, is ignored by Western governments; they do not wish to grant refugee status to any intelligent, educated Christian whites simply because this flies in the face of the achievement of their dysgenic agenda – it undermines their progress.

And that, dear Reader, explains a lot that seems incongruous, suicidal, and perverted to thinking, decent people.

Robin Elliott