Whether choosing a business partner, building an alliance or joint venture, deciding whom to associate with, or employing someone for an important position, these are things we need to be aware of.

Consistent choices reveal the man – to himself if he is objective and observant and to all those around who watch him. Like the fake paper bricks covering the wood and drywall above, many peoples’ lives are built on sandy foundations, as are their businesses and relationships. Bricks don’t burn in the fires of life. Firm foundations stand strong.

Consistently not committing or making a decision reveals a vacillating, weak, indecisive, dishonest character – one to be avoided at all costs. People who regularly make excuses or blame others, especially those who blame their parents, are those who refuse to take responsibility for their lives and choices. The fruit in our lives is revealing – look at what someone has accomplished, accumulated, built – and you will know a lot about him.

The way people deal with stress, uncertainty, delayed outcomes, and others also peels back the layers of deception and removes the masks we all wear. Self-discipline, patience, faith, persistence, and decency are the qualities of strong people.

Look at their heroes and role models, the groups they belong to, the places they go, the books they read, if indeed they do read books, and note whom they regularly associate with, and you will know them without even speaking with them. Are they tightwads or generous? Their actions will reveal them and predict the consequences.

Daily habits, addictions, if he is obese or fit, the words he uses, the lies he tells – all these clues reveal the man. Do they ask questions about you, or only talk about themselves? Are they reliant on hand-outs, inheritances, loans, and help, when they are quite capable of looking after themselves? You have met a parasite with entitlement issues.

Eagles fly alone, ducks and chickens and sheep rely on groups and need the support and approval of others. Avoid those; the r/K selection theory and the political parties people support further reveal who they really are.

Finally, are they moral? Test their honesty. Are they punctual and reliable? Are they loyal and loving to their spouses? Do they marry their spouses or just live with them? Do they stand up courageously for what they believe in? Are they socialist/collectivist or Capitalist/producers?

Take time to make good business and life decisions.

Robin Elliott