The leftist, socialist Trudeau, so-called Prime Minister of Canada, and his ilk seems to believe that you can only be a legitimate refugee in Canada if you’re not white or Christian or a legal immigrant. And if you slither over our US border illegally, clutching your iPhone and expensive luggage, which will be carried for you by our RCMP bellhops, you magically turn into a “refugee” – as long as you’re not white or Christian.

The Boy Scouts of America now accepts girls who claim to be boys. And Quebec requires and receives government help, attention, and support, while Alberta deserves nothing – because they’re not “French.” The leftist social engineering that demands the end of Christianity and white men, while being a suicidal slide into Jihadi savagery, is lauded and supported by the brainwashed masses.

The Christian churches are generally so watered down and compromised that they seem to be terrified of speaking out against this Cultural Marxist cancer, cowering as they are behind “being kind and loving” and in the process callously standing on the throats of their decent, God-fearing congregations while they greedily milk them for more money in the form of “tithes and offerings.” Ignoring this blatant contradiction is the result of media and religious programming reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. The Vatican has recently

The Vatican has recently forgiven an HIV positive “priest” who has admitted to raping nearly 30 young girls between the ages of five and 10 years old and infecting them with the virus.

Whites are being systematically wiped out in South Africa with explicit black government approval, yet they will not be accepted into Canada as refugees, and the international media is silent since blacks are now untouchable. And blacks know it and respond accordingly.

Aristotle wrote that the Exclusionary Middle states that for any proposition, either that proposition is true, or its negation is true. Yet in our Western society, infected as it is with Cultural Marxism and self-loathing leftists, a logical contradiction doesn’t seem to matter. Either someone is a refugee or they’re not. You can’t continue to rip the life out of good people, most of whom are armed in North America, for much longer without facing a serious backlash.

We hope Trump will fix things in the US, in spite of the tremendous opposition he has to deal with, France has completely surrendered to satanic Islam, and Canada is hell bent on going the way of Europe. But individuals, apart from voting, can do little to change things on this macro level. What we CAN do is to bravely speak out, make good choices, and educate the people around us.

Robin Elliott