I talked with someone who decided to dismiss everything that Ayn Rand ever wrote and her entire philosophy simply because she was an atheist. I was appalled at the time, however now I see this is common in our dumbed down society. He doesn’t mind driving a Japanese car, which was probably manufactured by atheists. and don’t ask the average Christian about atheists – they tend to assume atheists are immoral murderers who have never and never will contribute anything to society – simply because they’re atheists.

Most people in our society find it hard to view people and groups of people accurately. For example, a fellow said to me that he works with Muslims and they’re great people, so there’s no harm in Trudeau importing them en masse to Canada under the fictional banner of “refugee.” This uninformed character is unaware that, according to the Toronto Star, 62% of Muslims in Canada wanted some form of Shariah law in Canada, 15% of them saying it should be mandatory for all Muslims. In addition, he probably has no idea what the implications of Sharia Law are for Christians, one of which he professes to be.

The conditioned responses of many are disconcerting. The man who told me, when I was involved in Karatbars, a multi-level business that sold gold, that it was “just another online scheme,” nearly fell over when I told him how much money I had legitimately and legally earned in that business. (I am no longer involved.)

Context is important, too. “Not all prison inmates are bad,” is the mindless comment of the average brainwashed Canadian, and any fool knows that. However, the context of an argument is seldom taken into consideration when an ignoramus automatically delivers one of his pre-packaged, pavlovian responses. One ingrate refused to read this article because Nietzsche was an atheist – he missed the context entirely. Sadly, most people have never heard of Operant Conditioning – they probably assume it’s something women put on their hair.

Especially if you’re trying to justify your own bad choices. Try this: to get the most virulent responses on Facebook, just criticize marijuana or cigarette smoking. The smokers (18% of British Columbians) will scream that their uncle smoked until he died at 85, neglecting all medical, scientific, and financial evidence to protect themselves to admitting to their foul, expensive, intrusive addiction.  The potheads (30% of British Columbians) will loudly proclaim the “benefits” of the weed, ignoring mounting evidence of psychosis, schizophrenia, and more among young people who consume the stuff, plus mounting car and work accidents that are a direct result of their intoxication.

When one realizes how few people read books, especially good books, how we resist change, how brainwashed they are by the media, Hollywood and so-called “celebrities,” and the pervasive cultural Marxism in our North American society, the above is quite understandable, if not disturbing.

We need to learn to separate, objectively evaluate, and properly research things before succumbing mindlessly to our political master’s voices. And Christians need a serious wake-up call when it comes to their conditioning: politically correct Christian in nothing more than a weak, compromised back-slider.

Robin Elliott