Many of us feel guilty when we see animals in cages, or fish in aquariums and in bowls. We pity them. They deserve freedom. And many of us have ourselves chosen to live in cages called jobs. We feel like bonsai trees whose roots are constantly cut and trimmed so we can never grow in the giant sequoias we were meant to be.

The Koi carp (see image above) weigh up to 8kg and up to one meter in length when set free in a natural expanse of water. That is the size it was meant to grow to, instead of having it’s growth and mind stunted in a fishbowl or aquarium. Domestic goldfish, also known as Carassius aruatus, have the ability to grow as big as the resources around them.

Many of us have had stunted growth, simply because we haven’t had the resources or the systems to reach our full potential. Some ancient Japanese bound the feet of their women because they felt small feet were beautiful, and they broke the bones and created cripples in the process.

Like the great magician, Houdini, who assured his audience that he would escape from a locked prison cell: he had a lockpick hidden in his clothes, and try as he might, he could not get the door unlocked. Eventually, out of time and exhausted, he leaned dejectedly against the door – only to have it swing wide open! You see, he couldn’t get the lock open because it was never locked! You may indeed feel that you are locked into your dismal financial state

You may indeed feel that you are locked into your dismal financial state, that you know you are on track to running out of money in your old age, and you are giving up hope of ever being financially free. Well, I have good news for you: The door out of desperation into a comfortable future is not locked!

When you have the right environment, encouragement, guidance, resources and systems, you can make all your financial dreams come true. And that is exactly what we have created for you in IPS Safety Inc. and its powerful incentive program. We have designed it so that anyone in North America can afford to participate at the level they choose and succeed to the degree that they aspire to, and it is working.

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Robin Elliott