Science has taught us that there is much that we cannot see or hear without special devices – ultraviolet light, radio and TV signals, certain pitches of sound, and more. There are planets we can’t see without telescopes,  and there are mountains of information that we are not aware of, skills we don’t have. Any Google search reveals the limit of our capacities, and at the same time, how easy it is to acquire information.

The average person uses his lack of knowledge and skills as an excuse and a limitation: “I can’t afford it, I don’t know how to do it, I can’t do it, I can’t understand it, I didn’t know.” And then they walk away from countless opportunities. “I didn’t know” and the old, “I made a mistake” are common excuses. Yet some do this daily. 

Henry Ford did something that made him extremely wealthy: he used experts instead of trying to know and do it all himself. He leveraged the minds and skills of others to achieve his dreams. When he wanted to develop the V8 engine, his engineers told him it was impossible to create a single casting V-8 engine in a car at a price that the general public could afford. Ford refused to accept this, and, guess what, they collaborated and persisted, and they found a way to do it.

For thirty years in business, and before that in hotel and restaurant management and sales, I have specialized in the use of Leverage and Collaboration. I have taught business owners around the world to tap into this magical and amazing combination. Together, we can do amazing things, as long as everyone wins, and all benefit directly from their efforts and input.

What I don’t have, someone else does. What I can’t do, someone else can. What I don’t know, someone else does. I just have to give them a good reason to share those resources with me. We have not because we ask not. Ignorance is no longer necessary in today’s world.

“Doesn’t check the scale, doesn’t check the bank balance, pretends everything is fine – heading for a crash. Asking for advice, learning from others, aware, collaborating – headed for the cash.” – Robin Elliott

So when my business partner and I developed IPS Safety Inc. and married it with our sales incentive program, we created a winning formula that anyone can use to create real, sustainable wealth. It is all based on Leverage and Collaboration. We show people how they can become IPS Safety Distributors with no money and no risk if need be, as well.

Talk with me and let’s see how you can forever change your financial future.

Robin Elliott