The beauty of building our GoodLife Team is it makes perfect sense for 99% of people. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Everyone can give away $200 Hotel Gift Cards that only cost them 18 cents each
  1. Most people love to travel
  1. It’s VERY easy to understand this business and even easier to do
  1. Our product (the Gift Card ) will help build any other business!
  1. Most people can easily afford to join
  1. Everyone can introduce just two people, and that date stamps them into the Legacy Tree!
  1. Most people avoid Binary systems at all costs – this is 2 by 20 and all automated. And they feel secure when they see who the Founders of the company are.
  1. It’s new – most people have never heard of it, so the fields are wide open
  1. People LOVE the multiple ways we get paid
  1. When they see the amount of help and support they get, they are amazed.

There are many more reasons, including the astounding Member Benefits. Contact me for more information and mention GoodLife. Let’s talk.

Robin Elliott