Imagine a person falls over the railing of a ship and lands in the cold water. The ship is moving away, and he knows that there is no chance of swimming to the shore before dying of hyperthermia. But a sharp-eyed passenger sees the person in the water and kindly throws him a life preserver, which lands right next to him in the choppy water. They are shocked to see the person struggling in the water push the life preserver away – instead, he drowns.

A man sat in his cottage and heard the urgent news being broadcast on this little radio that a great flood was coming. He turned off the radio and carried on reading his book. Then he saw the warning on television. He turned that off, too. Next, his neighbour came to warn him. He ignored that warning as well. And the water rose.

The police came knocking at his door, warning him to evacuate, then, when the water was too high and he had to climb onto the roof of his cottage, a boat came by, but he dismissed their help. Finally, a helicopter crew tried to rescue him, risking their own lives in the process, but he again refused, and he drowned.

When he got to heaven, he asked God, “Why did you let me drown?” God answered, “I sent you all the help you needed to live, but you chose to reject it, and you simply suffered the consequences.”

We all have choices to make. We make excuses, we complain, we ask for handouts, we blame. And then we pray for help. And God always sends us solutions. But if we’re too proud, too cynical, to sceptical, too self-important, too lazy, or too stupid to grab those solutions and work at them with all our might, thus turning our lives around, we are bound to suffer the consequences.

(Men who can do this but prefer to live off their wives or parents or the government, parasites who scrounge off others, eventually find themselves alone and very poor and unhappy. Sooner of later, your rescuers will tire of you and move on.)

So before you complain that you have tried and failed, smart people know that winners fail until they succeed. The only time you lose is when you stop trying. Here is a financial solution that anyone can do, and that can definitely turn your life around. Make money by giving valuable gifts away. It works.

Robin Elliott