It’s sad to see how worked up employees get over weekend and holidays. Does it mean they don’t enjoy the rest of the week or month? They endure five sevenths of their week and live for their miserable weekend and two-week annual holiday. I know – I have seen it: people spending their tea times and lunch times talking about weekends and their annual holiday, morose on a Monday morning. Just look at the happy faces of commuters on a cold Monday morning…

Why not arrange your life so that you can enjoy all of it? Every day?

I did that, thirty years ago. I changed my life by choice. I enjoy every day. My work is my hobby. I look forward to the opportunity to create a better business, to choose where I go and when I go, whom I associate with, what I do, how I do it, and how much money I earn. I don’t answer to anyone but God. I don’t ask for permission to go to the washroom or take a day off, like a schoolboy or a prisoner.

My freedom – my agency – is a God-given gift, and it’s not for sale. My most valuable asset, which is my time and freedom, is not for sale. Because once it’s gone, I’m never getting it back again, like selling a finger: you can’t grow another one.

Now before you respond, “Well, being an entrepreneur is not for everyone,” I suggest iit is, if you value freedom as highly as I do. It’s not for timid, weak, or really stupid people, or those with no aspirations. It’s not for parasites or sluggards. But for most, it is quite possible to find a good business fit for your unique skills, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and likes. There are countless options for a truly motivated, determined person. The only things that stop the average person are fear, lethargy, past failures, and negative conditioning.

You can change your life – improve it dramatically in every area – spiritual, mental, emotional, family, social, physical, financial. You don’t have to live for Fridays or annual holidays or going home time; you can enjoy every day. It’s your choice. Contact me and I’ll give you a few options to consider. Here’s an example of something virtually anyone can do to create a serious income.

Robin Elliott