I have a piece of advice that I have given to everyone who ever bought anything from me or invested in anything I recommended. Of course, those who fail usually conveniently forget that I gave them this advice. Here it is: “Never invest more than you can afford to lose, nothing lasts forever, and everything is risky.” If it seems trite or simplistic, consider the following when you are considering any financial risk:

When you’re considering an investment of $279 once and $59 per month that could create a tremendous income and free you from all financial restraints over time, for example, and you deem it to be “risky,” here’s what you need to ask yourself: If I lost that money, how would my life change? Considering the fact that smokers pay upward of $300 per month just to ruin their health, it’s more about what have you got to lose by NOT investing in the business opportunity: potentially tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over time if you work hard and follow the proven system.

Also, if you think $279 once and $59 per month is risky, do you also consider driving to the store to get your groceries risky? Here’s what could happen: A car accident or getting hit by a car as you walk along the sidewalk could maim you for life, put you in a wheelchair, cause you to lose your job and house, and condemn you to a life of pain and guilt, especially if others were also injured. Now THAT is a risk. Yet we seldom think about it, do we?

We seem to have lost perspective on what real risk is. What if your pregnant wife gave birth to a retarded child? What if? What if? So it’s often more a case of what if I DON”T invest this money?

The other thing about risk is “I’m worried that I will offend people or put people off by offering them this opportunity. Really? Do you honestly think you’re the only person offering them opportunities? And if you offer it in the correct way, believe me, you won’t offend or alienate anyone. Plus, in this particular example, you’ll only need two people to do really well.

Then we hear, “I don’t have the money.” My response is, “So if your toilet broke down and it cost $500 to fix it, would you find the money, or walk down the road every time to use a hotel toilet?”

We need to get a new perspective on “RISK” and to start thinking about what can go right, instead of what can go wrong – what I stand to gain, instead of what I stand to lose. You don’t get rich avoiding every opportunity to make money – that way, you get debt. Some things work out, some don’t, but you don’t stop buying cars simply because use you bought a lemon in the past. You probably learnt a few good lessons from that, anyway.

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Robin Elliott