The parallel between present-day South Africa and 1938 Germany are obvious. The liberal Western media is characteristically ignoring the systematic white genocide in South Africa. After the illiterate President’s latest revelation this month that he intends to “redistribute” white-owned land and businesses to blacks with no compensation, the writing is on the wall. Kristallnacht was followed by additional economic and political persecution of Jews, and it is viewed by historians as part of Nazi Germany’s broader racial policy, and the beginning of the Final Solution and The Holocaust.

South African whites find themselves in a constant state of denial, like two men alone in a restaurant when one passes wind. Both pretend the stench doesn’t exist, hoping it will dissipate quickly. Already, over 400,000 whites find themselves in “squatter camps” around the country, with little running water and one toilet per thousand people – the self-evident precursor to the Jewish ghettos. The stench is increasing exponentially.

With more than 50,000 reported murders and many more rapes per day, the white population diminishing fast as more are murdered and others flee the country, while black illegals enter at an increasing rate, President Zuma is stepping up his racist game to keep his even more racist political opponent, Malema at bay. And the world is silent.

Already, nearly a million whites have left the country since Mandela took over power, while most never officially immigrated and the vast majority left only because of the increasing crime and violence and the obvious fact that South Africa was following in the footsteps of other African countries which were handed over to blacks by the international liberal community.

There are two groups of white South Africans – the rich and the poor: those who are too old, too sickly, and too poor to leave, and who can forget about refugee status from the liberal Western countries, who insist on anything but white and Christian, and those who have the wherewithal but are too timid and/or “comfortable” with their luxurious lifestyles to start over in a civilized country. The first group lives in fear of their lives daily, while the second succumbs to false hope and denial and the blacks are constructing their own barbaric version of  Auschwitz. The annihilation of both groups is imminent.

Mugabe, mentor to the South African President, has urged him to direct his xenophobia at whites instead of illegal entries into the country. With a 40 – 50% unemployment rate, the masses are naturally eager to seize the homes, possessions, and businesses of whites. They already act with relative impunity – torturing whites to death without even stealing anything, a phenomenon not found anywhere else in the world. Things are about the get a lot worse – quickly. Where are the Christian churches in civilized countries? How are they helping? Or are the only interested in assisting blacks and Muslims?

In 1938, at the Evian conference in France, of the 31 nations attending, the only country willing to help Jews was the Dominican Republic. All the other countries refused to help the Jews of Europe. Hitler took this as a sign that nobody wanted the Jews, and it no doubt hastened their extermination and emboldened Hitler. Zuma only has to look at the West’s pro-black, anti-white attitude to feel similarly reassured. He looks forward to a Holocaust denial type of response afterwards, too.

Robin Elliott

I grew up in South Africa. I lived in Rhodesia in 1978, the year before Mugabe took over, and I left South Africa at the end of 1994 at the age of 46, three years after Mandela took over.