An old man will visit you someday, and that old man will be… YOU. What will you say to him? What will you have to show him? Will you have to work until to die, selling your time, earning less than you need? Or will you have achieved a position where the system you have created works for you?


When we sell our time, we are slaves. We are at risk because when we can no longer work as hard or as fast, when we are injured or ill, or when we get laid off or fired because someone younger will do a better job for less money, we’re in real trouble. And the world easily loses interest in has-beens; they want younger, prettier, new, faster. We can’t ride on yesterday’s successes forever. A job is a prison.


In order to take control of your financial life, you need a good SYSTEM that you work hard to create and establish, and that will then feed you all the money you need and want. It’s like the difference between carrying buckets of water to your house every day or building a pipeline that feeds into the pipes and taps in your house, where buckets represent work (a job or a salesman, selling your time and labour), and the pipeline represents a system.

This is a system that will allow you to leverage the efforts of others and build a strong residual income and it is now is now available to you. Make that meeting with the old man a happy celebration.

Robin Elliott