“Be careful,” Jesus warned them. “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod.” Mark 8:15

Darren Hardy explains the compound effect of leaven, or yeast, as we know it, very well. The effect is not evident initially, so many are unaware of the effect of the daily dosage of choices, input, and exposure we choose. And just as good, regular small choices compound, like the penny doubled daily, into a tremendously positive effect over time, so the pernicious poison of liberalism, which has morphed into cultural Marxism, has the same effect.

Arsenic poisoning has been used by murderers for many years so that the small, daily doses eventually kill the victim. Bamboo grows underground for years before its starts springing up by a few feet a day – the compound effect.

Bruce Herschensohn of Prager University explains how the Liberal US Democratic Party, under the misguided leadership of Gerald Ford, was actually the direct cause of loss of hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese lives in this video.

Nominal Christianity is in danger of succumbing to the “Politically Correct” strategy of the left wing as they focus more and more on ecumenism, not “offending” anyone, “all religions are the same,” and avoiding the issue of personal responsibility and the saving grace of Jesus Christ, turning their sermons into Hollywood-style entertainment and motivational seminars.

William Barclay says of the above scripture, “To the Jew, leaven was the symbol of evil. Leaven was a piece of dough kept over from a previous baking and fermented. To the Jew, fermentation was identified with putrefaction and therefore leaven stood for evil. Rabbi Alexander said, ‘It is revealed before thee that our will is to do thy will. And what hinders? The leaven that is in the dough and slavery to the kingdoms of the world.‘”

And slavery it certainly is. The Liberal promotion of the mind -altering drug marijuana and the glorification of money and sex at any cost traps good people in an addiction treadmill of vice and debt from which it is hard to escape.

Liberals use Situational Ethics, which claims to take into account the particular context of an act when evaluating it ethically, rather than judging it according to absolute moral standards, as well as political “correctness” and their cancerous “all races are the same” doctrine to justify outright attacks on traditional values, sexual roles, and decency and to water down the general IQ. They espouse sexual perversion, import millions of our sworn enemies into Western, civilized nations under the laughable label of “refugees,” which is, in reality, simply a Trojan horse, and undermine the family through the active promotion of sexual debauchery and the promotion of the idea that marriage is old-fashioned, can occur between same-sex couples, and is unnecessary, anyway.

We can see in the violent attacks on the Trump administration just how far this leaven has gone to corrupt good people and change our society. Trudeau is following closely in the slimy footsteps of Obama in his march to complete the damage to Canada that his evil father started. We have important personal and public choices and commitments to make in the light of this knowledge.

Robin Elliott