Tired of your financial burdens? Sick of get-rich-quick schemes that just put you deeper in the hole? Dread opening your mail? Hiding from creditors? Weary of making excuses and borrowing more? Running out of time, ideas, and money?

Financial stress is exhausting, and it damages your relationships, health, attitude, and energy. You feel drained when you wake up in the morning, dreading another day of dodging money bullets and feeling ashamed. You’ve tried a lot of business opportunities, but you know you’re not a salesperson or a recruiter.

My story is that for months we searched for a valuable promotional item that our salespeople across North America could use to incentivise sales and get more referrals, something to help them get more appointments, and that they also could use as Thank You gift. And we wanted something that we could give away as a gift with every purchase from our company, IPS Safety Inc.

Then a friend of mine in Florida called me. She said she wanted to send me a gift, and wanted my mailing address. I was quite embarrassed to receive what seemed an extravagant gift from her – a $200 hotel savings card that worked anywhere in the world and didn’t expire – I imagined it must have cost her a pretty penny. And when I activated my card online, I found that is was guaranteed to get me hotels for less than anything else I could find on the Internet!

I called her to thank her and I discovered that she would receive $100 when I used up that $200 discount! I was amazed. THEN I learned that the card only cost her eighteen cents! My friend was making real money GIVING AWAY VALUABLE GIFTS that cost her 18 cents! She didn’t have to sell me or recruit me – I watched a video, called her, and signed up right away.

Our salespeople love this powerful marketing tool, and it adds significantly to our company’s cash flow as well. We put stickers bearing our logo on the cards and use them as promotional items instead of pens and hats and mugs that cost a lot more.

SO, if you want to increase your sales, referrals, and income, here’s a way you can do it easily with no selling, recruiting, or worrying about whether people will be put off or offended when you approach them. Here’s more information. Call me if you have any questions.

Robin Elliott