Recently, I went to the pick up a parcel at our local post office. I stood behind an Asian mom and her young son in the line. What I saw regarding the affixing of a simple postage stamp revealed all I needed to know about both the boy and the woman serving his mom.

The mother paid for her postage stamps and the woman behind the counter listlessly stuck the stamp on the envelope. It wasn’t properly affixed; one corner wasn’t even touching the paper. She seemed satisfied with her lackluster attempt, however, and continued to slowly gather more stamps from her container.

The little boy reached out and carefully pressed all the corners of the stamp down.

He cared about the job being done correctly. He was not the type to leave closet doors and drawers half open, to be satisfied with a half-hearted attempt, or to watch the proverbial clock. I’m sure he closed the lids of containers fully and makes his bed. He was obviously self-disciplined and alert, and he maintained high standards. The serving woman, on the other hand, has always had a bad attitude. She treats her customers as though she is doing them a favour to serve them.

Three years ago, my wife took a parcel to the same post office and encountered the same woman. My wife asked her if she would mind scotch taping one corner of the parcel down to prevent it opening, and the woman charged her five cents for the use of two inches of scotch tape. Cheap, tight-fisted, stupid. Since then, my wife, who has very high standards, has travelled out of her way to another post office where all our mailing is been done. We only pick up parcels at this post office. We don’t condone shoddy service. We don’t tip useless waters in restaurants.

Now the woman who gives this bad service actually owns this local post office franchise, and I know many people who refuse to use her service but would rather take the trouble to go to a post office which is further away. Karma is a bitch.

Let us do our very best in all we do. “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord.” Col 3:23. Don’t cut corners. Show up on time or early. Dress for success. It pays off – big time.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com