Want More Referrals? Here’s a system that is so powerful it will blow your socks off.

The way most people ask for referrals is simply ludicrous. A realtor regularly sends me letters that mention that she will kindly look after any referrals I send to her like she’s doing me a huge favour. CARP suggests people join their membership in return for a $5 coffee card. Most offer nothing in return; they simply hold their hands out, begging, and wonder why they don’t receive any referrals.

In the early nineties, I attended a $5,000 three day Jay Abraham event in LA. It was worth every cent. During the event, we were offered a Jay Abraham limited edition COFFEE MUG for five referrals to this $5,000 event, and most of us gave him five referrals. We were offered something unique and what we considered valuable in return.

What would happen if you announced to a customer, “Good news! I’ve been authorized to present you with a $200, international Hotel Discount Card in return for the names of five people who you feel may benefit from my services”? And what if that card only cost you 18c? That’s right, EIGHTEEN CENTS. And, how would you feel if you knew that, when that card was used, you would receive $100?

Do you think you would get more referrals? And make a lot of extra money? Of course, you would. Travel incentives are one of the most desirable value-added incentives available. And a real, no-strings-attached, no-expiry-date, $200 discount packs a LOT of motivation. (It carries a 110% guarantee to be cheaper than anything available through Expedia, Trivago, etc., so it’s a real discount.)

Any business can use these powerful cards as an incentive to get more referrals, have people buy more, visit your business more often, bring a friend, or simply “taste” your wares, like attend a show house or test drive a car. At a cost of a mere 18 cents a time! You can’t lose. And when they use the cards, $100 a time drops straight into your pocket.

This is also a great way to Thank customers for their business, and to create enduring customer loyalty. You can also use this to increase the average purchase amount: If you know your average purchase is $30, simply advertise that “For every purchase of $45 or more, we will present you with a $200 Gift.”

It works. We use them in our own company.

More information here. Contact me if you have any questions.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com