It’s easy to stop people who are important to you from liking you, trusting you, and supporting you. It can happen faster than you think. And it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to regain that trust and respect.

How do you lose their faith in you? How can you destroy your dignity and be assured that you will lose their sanction? What will make them dislike you intensely and avoid you like a week-long dead fish in the hot sun?

It’s easy, really, and, it seems, standard conduct for the average loser. Millenials, in particular, seem to specialize in it.

  1. Don’t respond promptly.
  2. Don’t do what you say you are going to do.
  3. Make people wait beyond the agreed-upon deadline.
  4. Show up late. Don’t acknowledge emails and gifts or return calls.
  5. Let people down.
  6. Make excuses.
  7. Blame others or circumstances for your failure to act.
  8. Waste other peoples’ time and money.
  9. Be a parasite, a taker, a passenger.
  10. Reveal a lack of discipline and expect to fail.

These are loser behaviours, and winners avoid those displaying them at all costs. We cut them loose. We don’t associate with them, trust them, or help them. And we certainly don’t respect them. We want to associate with those who are reliable, courteous, persistent, brave, and self-disciplined; people who expect to win and work hard and consistently.

If you want to be in the Winners’ Circle and if you want to be held in high esteem by those who can change your life, bear the above in mind.

Robin Elliott  LeverageAdvantage.com