80/20 (The Pareto Principle): We know that 80% of our attempts/salespeople/strategies will fail, and 20% will succeed. We know that 20% of our efforts will create 80% of our results. AND we know that we can CHOOSE to be in the 20% quadrant. Succeed is a CHOICE.

It’s not an easy choice – it requires intestinal fortitude (guts) to leave the ruts of mediocrity, failure, and retreat. People who expect fast results, stop believing in themselves or get stuck in the past are choosing failure; into the 80% bin they go. Those who dwell on their mistakes, fear the future, and resist change or remain inflexible will join them there. And of course, EGO is usually a big problem if you wish to enter the 20% box.

Losers give up their power, believe in their weakness, worry about the opinions of others (“Oh, he’s off trying another scheme”) or believe the world owes them something – those who feel “entitled.” Winners don’t fear failure more than they fear success – they focus on what they have to GAIN, instead of what they have to lose. Winners believe in themselves and their mission. And they join the twenty percenters. By choice.

The whiners never become winners – they join the 80%. Like those who never visualize what is possible, but instead, make mental pictures of their coming failure – what they don’t want. They fear they have something to lose, they work too hard, assume their problems are unique to them, see temporary failure as a signal to quit, and blame others for their own laziness or bad choices. They feel sorry for themselves and so they join the 80% who never really win at anything. It’s never too late to change; it’s a choice we must make every day, sometimes several times a day.

WINNERS – those in the 20% box – don’t worry about what thy have to lose, but focus on what they have to gain. They realize that it’s never too late to start over, and they take personal responsibility for their success. They are prepared to pay the price of success. They understand the principle of sowing and reaping. They surround themselves with winners, use positive affirmations, and work smart, rather than hard. They use leverage and collaboration to achieve their specific, measurable goals.

20% people realize that they haven’t tried everything yet, that things usually take longer than expected and that the rewards are usually far greater than expected.  They believe that they’re closer to success than what it feels like and that if they don’t win, someone else will. Champions know that right before the breakthrough to success, there is a dark place, and that past failure is not a prediction of the future. It’s all about the right attitude, and attitude is a choice.

Finally, we know that even through we expect to succeed, we will sometimes get stuck. At these times, it is essential to get help and advice from the RIGHT people. Losers will drag you down and urge you to quit, while winners will show you the way to success, based on their insight, faith, and experience.

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Robin Elliott