Remember when you could buy virtually any .com URL / domain name? Those who jumped in early got rich:

Insurance.com sold for $35.6 million in 2010. VacationRentals.com sold for $35 million in 2007. PrivateJet.com sold for $30.18 million in 2012. NOW YOU CAN grab an IPS Safety Inc. Distributorship and make real money from Day One.

Your education, experience, age, background, qualifications, and present circumstances are not important to us. Our business model requires that we help other people create financial wealth in order that we can grow our international business. And in case you’re concerned, this is NOT Network Marketing, and you don’t have to attend meetings, recruit anyone, or buy stuff every month.

Our Distributorships are wealth-building machines. When you invest in a territory, you become one of our Distributors, and we show you how to create real, residual wealth. Our success depends on your success. You don’t have to sell things door-to-door, and depending on what you want to do, your strengths and weaknesses, we create a plan for you and work with you to build your Money Machine.

Since you receive, in addition to commissions from your international sales, 50% of the company profit derived from your territory every month, we show you how we can, with our help, build a sales team in your territory. And here’s the good news: We train, motivate, assist, develop, and manage them for you. It costs nothing to join as a salesperson.

In addition to that, we show you how to make money from clubs, charities, organizations, schools, hospitals, and others in your territory and even outside of your territory! Yes, we specialize in leverage and collaboration, and we know from many years of business experience that together, we can do amazing things.

When you have organizations and salespeople working for you, you create wealth.  And we manage those organizations, salespeople, and customers;  we take care of sales, deliveries, payments, complaints, warranties, and everything else. The system is proven; it works. This is a real money machine, and we are an incorporated, licensed, insured Canadian business serving the United States and Canada and fast expanding into Mexico and overseas.

Timing is important. Take advantage of our low, one-time investment requirement now. Secure the territories of your choice while they are still available. Call me and ask how we could work with you and what is involved.

Robin Elliott   IPS Safety Inc.