A few years ago, cellphone companies discovered that a startling 97% of cellphone users (not smartphones – just the old “dumb” phones) were only using 7% of their cell phones’ capabilities. So if they took away 97% of the capabilities, only 3% would have noticed it. Imagine what it would be with smartphones!

Now imagine what a tiny percent of our brains’ capabilities we are using! Imagine what would happen if we exchanged information for knowledge, and then converted it into wisdom! What would happen if every person with a reasonable IQ was to read just 15 pages of a good book every day? How would humanity benefit if we were to learn from our elders, those who have many years of experience and wisdom, instead of ignoring them?

How much would we benefit if we were to change our priorities from “keeping up with the Joneses” and accumulating more meaningless gadgets and things, to acquiring knowledge and wisdom, and developing our minds and spirits? If you were to tie one of your arms to your body, so that you couldn’t use it or move it for two months, it would weaken and become a burden to you. People who don’t develop and manage their minds find that they are going backward.

This is the result of the programming we receive from our schools and governments: instant gratification, laziness, a sense of entitlement. We are being systematically dumbed down in order to turn us into willing, stupid robots, easily manipulated by statist governments. Most people know very little about the world around them and things that really matter. They take the easy route instead of the important route.

Isn’t it time to develop our minds and learn how to manage them? Surely it’s time to grow spiritually and become all that we were meant to become? Most people no longer read good books – in fact, any books – or take a serious interest in their spiritual development. We can rise above the madding crowd, the hordes of followers, gaggles of slackers.

We don’t have to follow the obese to their feeding troughs or the whores to their lairs. Instead of permanently desecrating our bodies with meaningless, unsightly tattoos to impress people who don’t notice and don’t care, why not impress our spirits with holy stimulation and feed our minds?

Those who decry their aimless, daily fight to keep their heads above water financially can educate themselves about the opportunities that surround them in the field of entrepreneurialism. We can develop our self-esteem and self-discipline to the point where we are confident enough to create our own businesses and rise above the commonplace drudgery of debt. We can shed the pounds of ugly fat and hone our bodies, enjoying the benefits of health and energy that belong to those who are fit and strong.

It all starts with an open mind, a vision, determination, and self-discipline. It ends with self-reliance, joy, satisfaction, and freedom.  People who take responsibility and acquire the right guidance and knowledge can courageously achieve anything they want to and enjoy the full extent of their God-given minds, bodies, and spirits.

Robin Elliott      LeverageAdvantage.com