I talk with a lot of people. Many have had unexpected and unwelcome changes occur in their lives – illness, job loss, the death of loved ones, pensions not keeping up with the cost of living, getting laid off work, jobs outsourced overseas, unexpected things happening. And their financial situation is somewhat scary at the moment.

Many have tried the Network Marketing route and found that it actually cost a lot of money and if they weren’t continually recruiting, they stopped making money. Also, the advice many of them have received, often at a high cost, from “coaches,” didn’t work out very well. Spending more and more and earning less and less. Disappointing.

So we created a NO-COST, NO-RISK, NO BRAINER way for people to make money anywhere in North America. Out Team gets to use our proven system, marketing real products to the biggest growing market, using systems that other people have paid me a lot of money to teach them. And we take care of everything, right here in Canada – the website, the inventory, shipping, customer support, training, everything.

When I say “No cost,” I mean it. This is not network marketing or anything like that. Get paid every week. While others pay $250 to $500 per hour for my coaching, our Team Members get it for free. No hidden costs, no tricks. We show you how to use leverage to reach your financial goals – working smart instead of just hard. The average person is not a salesperson, and we can work around that.

My business partner and I each have 50% ownership of this incorporated, licensed  business and we’re based right here in Vancouver, BC, serving the US and Canada. We share many years of business success. We are looking for Team Members to join our fast growing business. If you’re interested, call me or email me for more information and a telephone interview. Full training and support at no cost.

We also have Distributorships available throughout the US and Canada, starting at $25,000.

Robin Elliott  IPSsafety.com