Realtors: Set Yourself Apart from your competition.
Offer your prospects cameras for their homes when they buy from you.
Offer cameras as rewards for buying referrals.  
Our business provides you the opportunity to buy from us at a 20% discount and there’s no cost to get involved.
Plus, when your prospects or customers buy more, they get a 5% discount and you get a 15% commission.
These are plug-and-play, WiFi, see-in-the-dark, two-way voice, indoor and outdoor cameras they can view from their phones and set up themselves in minutes, even move around if they wish. No wires!
Check up on Grandma, the kids, caregivers, dogs and cleaners when they’re not home. See what’s going on outside! Also use for businesses.
Call me or email me if you would like more info and ideas. Our website is We are a Canadian company serving the United States and Canada.
They also make great Christmas Gifts!
Robin Elliott