Imagine a fellow who invites his friend to partner with him in a business investment. The friend pays for the territory – $25,000 per area of +- 250,000 people – and he gets the Distributorship in his name and does the “work.” Then, he goes to Mexico to relax in the sun for five months during the cold Canadian winter!

Meanwhile, he runs adverts on Facebook and in the media for salespeople in his territory, and applicants respond to IPS Safety Inc. We sign them up, train them, help them, correspond with them, and coach them, and they sell products in the Distributor’s territory. At the end of each month, the Distributor receives 50% of the company’s profit in his territory, regardless of who made sales there. This, he shares with his investor partner.

This Distributor has created a growing residual income with no money and no work. He has essentially leveraged other peoples’ work, time, skills, connections, and money, and funneled this all into one stream of residual income. Brilliant!

And that’s not all! When any of those salespeople who responded to his advertisements upgrade to Distributor (for another territory), he and his business partner – the investor – will receive 10% of the new Distributor’s investment – at least $2,500, depending on the size of the territory purchased.

How does this work?

Simple. IPS Safety Inc. is an incorporated, licensed, insured Canadian company that sells proven products around the world. Registered Member of the Consumer Technology Association. All sales are made through our company website, and we take care of all billing, shipping, warranties, customer care, commission payments, and the training of our Salespeople and Distributors.

An IPS Safety Inc. Distributor earns the same as a Salesperson and can market and sell anywhere in North America, however, the main benefit is that he will earn fifty percent of the company profit for his territory – regardless of who made sales there.

That’s like owning a piece of the company for pennies on the dollar!

So Distributors who introduce Salespeople in their territories and focus on selling in their own territories, while not restricted to selling in their own territories, can do very well, especially as the company grows and we introduce more products. As always, timing is very important, and since we are so new, Distributors can still select the very best territories.

With time, focus, and branding, Distributors can see their income and establishment grow, and they can choose to extend their territories if those areas are still available. Having many salespeople in one’s territory provides leverage and residual income.

Many salespeople choose to upgrade to Distributorships. Some will find that they can use other peoples’ money to afford Distributorships. Recruiting other Distributors or salespeople who become distributors earns a generous 10% commission on the Distributor’s investment. Both Salespeople and Distributors can earn this commission.

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Robin Elliott, Director of Sales and Marketing, IPS Safety Inc.


Mark Zuckerberg invited 5 people to his Harvard dorm room in 2004 to discuss a business opportunity. Only 2 people showed up and they got in – they joined Mark. Today those two people are billionaires. Dustin Moskowitz $6.5 billion and Eduardo Severin $3.4 billion. What a lesson for those 3 and all of us. Nothing is more expensive than a closed mind. Don’t stand in your own way.