I am constantly amazed at the response I get from the delicate, weak men who are surprised that I deem it necessary to own a gun, carry a knife, and am prepared for hard times. These are the same cowardly men think it wise to conform and not to “rock the boat” or be “too outspoken or offensive.”

These “politically correct” specimens who somewhere along the line traded their backbones in for weed and  comfort are a disgrace to men everywhere. They are metro-sexual, androgynous girlie-boys who think a beard, tattoos, and camo pants make you a man. I’m, sorry, blowing people away in your video games isn’t quite the same as real combat.

Gone are the days when men took up the responsibility for providing for their families, opening the doors and pulling out chairs for ladies, and disciplining their unruly brat kids. No longer are they the heads of their homes, the leaders who are strong and reliable and disciplined.

But perhaps that’s because women are turning into men. Smoking, swearing, pushy women who dress like men and act like men are the order of the day. They treat their men (few are actually married – they have “life partners” because the men won’t marry them) like little boys and their offspring like their masters.

After all, that’s what Hollywood and the “politically correct” cancer of Egalitarianism – all people of all ages, sexes, cultures, and races are basically the same – has programmed them with. Shows like “The Big Bang Theory” depict grown men as little boys. Unrestrained, animal sex and women beating up men is par for the course. Women and children run the homes and men are depicted as stupid, childlike and inept.

Timid men no longer read books to learn how real heroes and men dress and behave, let alone darken the door of a church, except to perhaps attend the odd funeral. They have no standard to aspire to or adhere to, except for that of their liberal college professors, television, and their hippy, pot smoking parents.

So when I meet real men these days, I am happy, if somewhat surprised. We’re a dying breed among the robotic, brainwashed masses of Liberal garbage that aimlessly wander our streets and malls, dutifully awaiting instructions from their butch, live-in sex partners who sometimes call themselves women and their disrespectful offspring. And they vote for those who reflect their rotten value systems – the Obamas, Hillary Clintons, and Trudeaus of the world. It’s no wonder people

It’s no wonder people admire real men like Trump and Putin.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com