When we choose products for our company, my business partners and I do a lot of research and find the best products at the best prices, and we source them direct from the manufacturers. Also, we walk customers through the setup process (it only takes a few minutes) and we’re just a phone call away if they need help. We know how busy our customers are.

Yet there are still people out there who say, “I can buy it cheaper somewhere else.” My good friend and sales trainer par excellence, Harvey Cohen, shared the following example with me today.

Did you ever go to a store and buy bathroom tissue? When you see it from a distance, the toilet paper all looks the same in the store, when it’s wrapped up in cellophane and looks nice, but as you get closer to it, you see some differences – designs, pictures, right? But then, as you get even closer, you’ll notice there’s writing on the package – and when you get even closer, you’ll see a series of numbers. One of the numbers is more prominent than the others – usually a 1 or a 2. This refers to the PLY.

“When you look at the packaging, can you tell the difference between the two from simply look at it? No. When you BUY it, which is usually the cheapest? The one ply. Is there a difference between the one ply and the two ply? Oh, yes. And at what particular time do you discover that difference? At the worst possible time – when you use it! And you usually end up using a lot more – which makes it more expensive than the 2 ply!

“My point is, of course, that it’s not what’s on the outside that is most important – the packaging and the promises – it’s what is inside.

“Why do we go to restaurants, when we could cook and eat at home? Easy, fast, no work, no learning, no buying the food in the store, no preparation, no washing dishes afterwards, right? So when you go into a restaurant and you buy dinner, how long does the experience, the enjoyment last? Two hours? So you’re prepared to pay four or five times the price of food that you could cook at home, for two hours worth of enjoyment? If you didn’t have to pay four or five times the price, just a fair number, and that enjoyment would last a few years, would that be a good deal?

“So by investing in premier products from IPS Safety Inc., and enjoying our service, you would get to enjoy the benefit for years, not just for two hours. People don’t think that way when they purchase stuff. They look for the immediate gratification, like a lower price, and that’s fine, but there are two types of gratification: long term and short term. Short term is always more fun, but the long term gives you the greatest benefit. If the long term gratification allows to you to enjoy short term gratification for a long time, it makes sense, doesn’t it?”

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Robin Elliott