The Western media is controlled by those who wish to destroy our society. And along with the media, our academic institutions – schools, colleges, universities – and many churches work in lock step with this propaganda. Because so few people read and research instead of swallowing the brainwashing they are fed, they are unaware of what is going on. They believe they are being “Christian,” loving, open-minded, generous, accepting, and fair, while in reality, they are being played for fools.

The true ruling ideology today is Universalism and Internationalism. Whether it comes from the right as Neo-conservatism or from the left as Socialism / Marxism. One of its principle lies is Egalitarianism – the belief that all men are completely not equal but the same, and all the differences that they have – cultural, race, sex, religion, and so on are just fake social constructs, and if there is an inequality in the outcome, then there has to be some sort of discrimination or injustice.

Anyone who has traveled and worked with many different people, lived in different countries, and seen what happens in times of turmoil and unrest, and knows history, knows that this is ridiculous. These ideas are, in fact, the moral scapegoat for those who strive to create a one-world, globalized, united New World Order. Liberal governments have learned from religious cults how to brainwash and control people: keep them poor, busy, distracted, guilty and afraid, and too tired to think, research or question.

So we see sexual perversion, the reversal of traditional roles, the destruction of Christian tradition, the emasculation of men, the destruction of the family, attacks on Christianity. We see the state and Liberal politicians eagerly supporting the LBGTQ mob, importing radical Muslim “refugees,” in spite of the disastrous consequences we witness in Europe, and neglecting the elderly and war veterans, who are the most likely to hold traditional civilized Western values. We see new legislation and censorship to browbeat us into willing robots. Hollywood is at the forefront of this plague.

Those who lack the intelligence, insight, experience, learning and ability to research are easy fodder for this propaganda. Many of the young, who seek popularity and acceptance and fear rejection because of their lack of self-esteem, bend to peer pressure and run with the crowd. They vote for trash like girlie-boy Trudeau because he promises to legalize pot, for manipulators like the androgynous Obama because he offers them free phones and welfare checks.

Those who realize what is happening, who have read the likes of 1984 and Atlas Shrugged, rejoice at the victory of Donald Trump and pray fervently that he will actually be installed as President and that he won’t be assassinated. He is the one remaining hope for North America and the civilized world at this stage.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com