Last week  a friend of mine and I went to church to pack out the chairs in the cultural hall for Sunday’s meeting. At the end of our task, I was still inside the large hall when my friend hit the light switch outside the cavernous room.  It was instantly plunged into pitch black darkness.

I turned around in the dark and realized I had no idea where the exit doors were, had it not been for the faint EXIT lights glowing above them. Without those welcome beacons, I might have stumbled around, bumping into the dangerous metal chair stands and falling over chairs for quite a while until my friend realized I was trapped in outer darkness.

I carefully approached one of the exit signs, humming, “Glow, Little Glowworm, Glow” and holding my arms out in front of me to avoid encountering something along the way. Just before I got to the door, I noticed an outline in front of the sign – it was the steel chair stacker. Had I not seen that I probably would have collided painfully with it. It was with relief that I emerged from the dark cave of mystery and saw my friend chatting with someone. How long would I have been in that room before he realized I was stuck inside and rescued me?

In life, there are always lighthouses, signs that indicate a safe passage to the right place. There are mentors and books and  good teachers. In my case, my faith in God and my wife, my experience, my Church family,  my values and good friends help and guide me along the way. But always, the threats lurk. In the case of this illustration, it was the dangerous steel arms of the chair stacker that were protruding directly towards me (at eye level!)

What bait does the devil use to bait the traps in your life? Addiction, fear, timidity, trying to be popular, bad people, “easy money,” dishonesty, shortcuts, avoiding your physical exercise or attending church, eating junk instead of sticking to a healthy diet, “political correctness,” going to seedy places that you know are lures and traps? He knows you, your weak spots, your secret cravings. On your evolutionary path of improvement, watch out for the threats, keep your eyes wide open, avoid dangerous temptations to flirt with evil. Discipline yourself. Find your way to the lighthouse.

If you seek, you will find. What are you looking for? We have not because we ask not. Ask God– He knows you intimately – ask the right people for directions, seek guidance from those who are more experienced and have proven their characters to you. Surround yourself with those who are smarter, better, wealthier, more motivated, experienced, and connected than you are, and who share your values, and they will help you along the way.

“We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete…” Heb 12:2

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com