You’ve probably tried many different money-making projects. Some worked for you, some didn’t. Here’s a new one that I created with a good friend specifically so that everyone will make some money and nobody can lose money or fail. And there is NO cost or risk involved. Real products, based in Canada. Burgeoning demand.We’ve been building, investing, researching the competition, and sourcing, acquiring and testing inventory since April 23rd.

Yes, I also got tired of being ripped off and manipulated, lied to, and having my reputation sullied by referring people to those who subsequently proved they couldn’t be trusted. I got tired of seeing people lose their hard-earned money and precious time. So I got together with two very good friends, both of whom are successful businessmen whom I have known for many years, and we created a business that sells real products at good prices to a growing market (and a mushrooming need) in North America. We’re equal partners.

It cost us a lot of time and money to build it and test it, and it’s about to be launched. You will have the opportunity to participate if you wish. No Network Marketing, no foreign conman stealing your money, no overpriced products. No health food or diet products. We’re based right here in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. I head up the sales and marketing division.

We’ve made it very easy for you to make real money on a part-time or a full-time basis by providing all the guidance, training, support, and tools you need. All at no cost to you. All the marketing and sales material, tracking, mechanisms, delivery of products, back-up of products, everything is taken care of.

Stay tuned to my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook channels for news on the launch when it happens on Monday.

Robin Elliott