J. B. S. Haldane wrote that new ideas go through four stages before they’re generally accepted. Stage number one: “This is worthless nonsense.” Number two: “This is interesting but perverse.” Number three: “This is true, but quite unimportant.” And Number four: “I always said so.” Reality can’t be denied forever. Yet the majority of people read very little, if anything, are willingly, even eagerly, programmed by government-controlled media propaganda and censorship, and are timid in the extreme.

So how can the Western World change to restore balance and logic, and return to a civilized state? How do we stop importing those who want to kill us, milking the weakened, tired producers to feed the ever-growing cesspit of parasites, and bombing and interfering in other independent countries? How can we convince our people of their own suicidal beliefs and actions?

Unfortunately, most people seldom make uncomfortable mental changes when they are simply too, well, comfortable. Their complacency, obesity, and laziness make them easy targets for the enemies of civilization. As Bob Dylan sang, “When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose; You’re invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.” That’s what our enemies know. They politicize their poor, hurt, and desperate and send us people with nothing and nothing to lose, and we feed them, house them, pamper them, believe them, and encourage them more so than we do our own citizens. Veterans who served our country and seniors who are going hungry get fewer benefits than newly landed “refugees” – Islam’s Trojan Horse.

Exactly like the Girl and the Snake poem: The girl finds the beautiful snake who tells her he’s about to die, freezing, with no food, and he begs her to take him in. She refuses and explains that she knows he is a rattlesnake. He promises her that in return for her help, he will be her best friend. (And vote for her.) He will treat her differently. She responds that she will help him, because “all living things deserve to be treated with kindness.” (“We’re all the same.”) So she puts him under her coat, and of course, he bites her. “How could you do this to me?” She asks. “I trusted you! And now I’m going to die!” “You knew what I was when you picked me up,” hissed the treacherous snake as he slithered away.

When hard working, responsible, white, Christian, heterosexual, capitalist producers become the targets of government controlled media attacks, when traditional values and morals are considered taboo, and illegal becomes legal, when people are magically considered to be “all the same,” and everything else that is decent and Godly is vilified, we have a serious problem. Look at the corrupt political leaders that are being foisted upon us, and know that there is a consequence to this madness.

Only when people reach the tipping point of fear, discomfort, and want, will they be ready to listen to reason, to see things the way they really are. Only then will they rise up and make the necessary changes. Until then, we’re wasting our time casting pearls before swine. Or perhaps we’re planting seeds in their marijuana soaked, distracted brains.

Robin Elliott